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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by DannyDub420, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. So me and one of my girl friends have been hooking up for a few months now. I guess you could say it's friends with benefits.. Anyways, I never use a condom with her, because I know her and she's my friend so it's not a random hook up.

    We were at a party together the other night, and she was wasted, flirting with this dude that was there. I was getting ready to leave, and told her she could ride with me or stay there. She wanted to leave with me, so we went back to my house.

    Here's the deal, how can I ask her if she is having unprotected sex with other people without it sounding jealous?
  2. "Hey do you use a condom when you fuck other guys? I don't care but I don't want the herp.."
  3. Are you asking for a baby? I mean unless you are sure she is taking her BC every day same time of the day then you are kinda asking for a baby.
  4. how about wear a condom, then you don't have to worry about anything!
  5. Because condoms suck?

  6. And STI's don't?
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    Just let her know. be like if i was gonna hook up with someone else i'd use a condom...would u? Cuz i def dont want to catch anything

    And yes condoms do suck. Some chicks id rather jerk it and be done in 5 then wear a condom its so boring with one. Like packing a bowl and only taking a hit. U feel something but u wanna feel everything
  8. Just ask her, diseases aren't worth leaving touchy matters alone.

    "Hey, am I the only one you don't use a condom with?"

    If you're really FWB, it shouldn't really matter what else they do. As long as you know how to avoid disease.

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