Fuuuuuuuuk yea!

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    I had gotten high previously that day. Went home partially stoned and saw 9 with my other friend. Told my dad i was spending the night at my friends house he gave me a long lecture about how not to turn into a pot head... lol :). So i get over there smoke this insanely dank stuff. I went to open the door (which has screws poking through it). But being high as fuk i put my hands together like goku \/ \/ \/
    And slammed the door opening it. My friends little brother was like
    "Omg, the screws!"
    I was like wut? I looked at my hand and saw a deep crater about as round as b.b. gun pellet where the screw had STABBED me. I started laughing hysterically until the pain kicked in. Holy sht, i was making noises like a rape victim. We then went inside i washed off the wound and looked inside of it, i got extremely pale and almost passed out! WTF!
    We all realized that we were all mega hungry. So i take my friends little bro and go to Wal-Mart where we proceeded to buy $16 dollars worth of junk food! Whats hilarious was that i was like dude its only gonna be like, $9 (counted 9 items). Then the lady was like $16 something, Fuuuuuuuuuuuuk. We were laughing all the way home, we even stopped mid way and ate a Cosmic Brownie. We then got home watched some Tenacious D. While watching i ate 3 Cosmic Brownies, 1/5th of a bag of cheetos, a litre of Diet Pepsi/ Purple Soda, 2 packages of gushers, 5 mini powdered doughnuts, a chocolate bar, and hand full of hot cheetos. BY THE WAY NEVER EAT HOT CHEETOS WHEN YOUR HIGH, YOU EAT LIKE HALF THE BAG BEFORE THE ACTUALL SPICE KICKS IN, IT FUKING SUCKS. I then laid down on the couch passed out and woke up at 7:45 am. Got up got and got inot the bed i was supposed to sleep and slept till 12. Got up renovated the Doobie Room, we cleaned it out and put carpet in, its sick as hell now. Fuk yea, best weekend ever.
  2. Awesome. Sounds like a pretty sweet weekend. Btw tenacious d is fucking amazing especially when your high lol
  3. How old are you? You should get that wound checked. It can get infected if not treated properly. Also, Diet Pepsi? Really? After all the junk you were eating you guys decided on buying diet Pepsi as if it would make a difference? lol.
  4. im fucking drunk.
    coolk shhhhuut
  5. Sounds like a fucking riot. I've tried to fight off the hunger when I'm high... Last time I ate a lot I had to take some fucking Tums to make myself comfortable enough to keep smoking.
  6. Its not that deep at all, about a cenimetre at max. Its healing well, no tenderness around/under the wound. Good scabbing, and the wound, being a puncture wound, practically sealed itself. Its cool don't worry, thanks for worrying tho :).
  7. Some one has to say it...pics of the hand

  8. Sorry, I'm going to school to be nurse....I always tell people to take care of wounds and other things when they are sick or whatever. Atleast put some neosporin and cover it with a bandaid until it has healed properly.
  9. I did :)!
  10. Cosmic Brownies LOL!!!!!!

    thate the trademark of a stoner here cuz all the stoners buy them from the dollar store
  11. dude one time iwas trying to get the little middle metal peice of my bic so the flint wheel thing works easier and i was using a steak knife and it slipped and cut the shit out of me and i did the same shit, laughed at it then felt the pain and started screaming, then we smoked another bowl and i was fine :smoke:
  12. hahaha! cool man.
  13. A CENTIMETER, dude thats like 90% of the way through my hand!
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    Ya but it was on my palm tho
  15. Ohh, I've tried not eating while I was high. I ended up thinking I was going to like die, that my stomache was going to be so empty that it was going to turn into a black hole and swallow everything!!
    And another time I dranka buncha milk. I peed like 100 times. Lol.

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