fuuuuuuck im so excited

Discussion in 'General' started by Bizzoo, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. This weekend me and hella heads are going to be at UCSC and were ganna shroom. I havent done it in so damn long i cant wait haha.

    What do you guys recommend we do??

    i mean, im not ganna be sitting in side all day, we are ganna go outside in teh woods and shit.

    but whats some sick shit to do on shrooms?
  2. lazer tag...
  3. lazer tag, one of the dudes thats shrooming actually has a set....is that shit really fun or are tyou fuckin with me?
  4. I think lazer tag would be fucking crazy when tripping on shrooms
  5. ill give it a try and let you guys know haha
  6. hell no i ain't fuckin with you man think about it.

    running around a dark room with guns. LASER guns.

    neon lights everywhere.

    what a TRIP that would be. do it man... i would if my buddy had a set of some laser guns and shit..
  7. Honestly sir,

    Just go out into the woods and let the shrooms take you where they will.

  8. thats what the plan is so far, is just to just go into the woods and fuck around and shit, but im tryin to find some stuff to do in between
  9. yeah the woods idea sounds fine.

    dude, you live in san jose, go down to san francisco and shroom in golden gate park...

    that's what i do all the time.
  10. Why bother? If the shrooms are any good you're definitely not going to be able to follow any sort of "plan"
  11. @ coldcheese That would be sick, but the dude we are getting the shrooms from is up at UCSC, and about half the heads that are shrooming go to school there, so it would be easier to just be there.

    @ african yeah thats true, i remember last time everyone was hella just like...idk but i agree with you haha. i was just ganna grab a back pack, put some of my paint markers, my black book, and what ever els shit i can fit in there to keep shit fun.
  12. For sure man. Last winter a buddy of mine and I spent the day out, sunrise to sunset, with an ample supply of shroomies and weed. I packed my backpack full of pencils and paper and shit, but I spent the whole day running around pretending to be a forest dwelling creature.
  13. dude yeah, draw some beautiful ass pictures when you goom.
    you'll probably either do a great job or a shit job.
    but either way you'll have one hell of a time doing it.
  14. We played the OLDDDD school laser tag on shrooms a few months ago. You know the "tyko" ones or whatever from way back in the day. well, my friend FREAKED out when he got shot, he actually fell down and started freakin out like he actually got shot. Then after a few minutes he realized we were playing laser tag and started laughing. It was pretty funny but I was worried as shit while he was freaking out. He was all out screaming at the top of his lungs
  15. yeah dude that could either be a great experience, or a horrible one.

    you could be having the time of your life, or thinking you've been shot and you're now dying.
  16. Cowell State Park with the redwoods and a great game of Capture the Flag. That's what you should do.

    Oh shit, nevermind, it's supposed to rain all weekend. :(

    PS. I think this is the greatest idea I've ever come up with, in my entire life.
  17. Laser tag while shrooming! dude, I gotta try that!

    bizzo, do it!

  18. :eek:

  19. I love capture the flag :D:p
  20. ill give it a shot and let you guys know whats up. maybe take some cool pictures of the action or some shit.....

    whiskey, explain this ramen egg shit to me.

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