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  1. A thread for people who live in the Future to share ideas.. A refuge from medieval politics and old, out-dated ideas. :cool:


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    Let's take a look at Global Warming. Everybody talks about climate change and how we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through nanny-state legislation, etc.

    ..but nobody actually ever talks about the root cause of said greenhouse emissions - Demand. Anyone who's ever had experience in the drug world knows that you cannot curb supply without reducing demand.

    That's right. We pollute the planet not because we really enjoy shitting on nature, but because :

    1. It's more economical to pollute.
    2. It's more convenient and takes less effort than minimizing your environmental impact.
    3. Humans are self-interested by nature and going green normally goes against such interests.

    So besides tyrannical nanny-state legislation and prohibition of fossil fuels, what other alternatives do we have?

    Simple. Get off your ass and study science, and start inventing shit. If you can't afford to go to college, that's no excuse either - turn your garage into a lab, start inventing shit. If you think everything will just fall into place and invent itself - think again. Technological progress has been slowing down. Segways are being called hoverboards. Glass reflections are being called Holograms. That is an atrocity!

    If electric cars were cheaper, cooler, faster, stronger than their dinosaur-smoking counterparts, we wouldn't have this problem. Instead - we get these overpriced, bland-looking mobility scooters that even a grandma or a soccer mom wouldn't drive.


    Solution - get busy inventing cool shit, stop making excuses for the lameness of eco-friendly technology! Work to improve it.. work to make it more affordable.


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