Futuristic Space Trap Beat

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  1. Futuristic space trap type beat:

    (2nd beat on the page)

    Don't listen to trap music myself but tried to take what I've heard of the genre and set it in a nice space atmosphere - - what do you think of it?
  2. thats pretty bad homie...
  3. what's bad about it? just a style you don't like?
  4. naw man i like trap music but that rattle your putting in it is really played out, and ruins the other good parts of it, im not saying its complete shit but you gotta be more original
  5. Solid man. I'm never heard of "trap music" but I'd say my only criticism is for your drum fills focus on snare hits instead of hi-hats.
  6. dis a real trap beat
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZggKQd9wnyM]YouTube - OJ Da Juiceman - Tug Boat[/ame]
  7. i'm more into this its not really trap I guess its trapish

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPDLBj3O3qo]YouTube - Wale - 600 Benz (feat. Rick Ross & Jadakiss) [Brand New 2011][/ame]
  8. @kaset - yeah I know what you mean about those hat rolls being played out but that's like the staple of what makes a trap beat a trap beat isn't it? Like an 808 with those double-time hat rolls (the beat you posted has the same style hat rolls in it too). I agree the style is over-done but it's hard to really call a beat trap if it doesn't have those elements imo

    @Chip - yeah, that Florida Trap almost hybrid style is becoming really big right now especially with people like Rick Ross and that whole DJ Khaled crew and is started branch out (for example to people like Wale and Jadakiss as in your post)

    checked out your beat and it was dope, diggin the smooth synth bell type melody but the drums seemed like they should be louder and the melody should be lower; I mean, it's all up to your style but in general it seems trap beats are generally more drum driven than melody driven - - would make it easier to vibe with the crazy hat rolls too; keep it up man

    thanks for all the feed!!
  9. no doubt I gotta add some reverb to my drums too. We should collab some time
  10. i know what you mean homie, but you gotta play around with that, it just sounds a little generic like lex lugers beats, no hate either much love just criticism
  11. @ChipThaRipper - i've tried collaborating with other people and it never really works out well - - plus I sell my beats on soundclick so splitting profits isn't really something I wanna deal with, thanks for the offer though man

    @kaset - for sure, yeah the problem with selling beats on soundclick is you have to have at least a couple beats that fit other people's style (luger type beat, kanye, timbaland, etc) and then once you establish yourself in the soundclick charts you can start to make beats more and more your own style
  12. if its splitting profit you are worried about then you can keep the money from it if people even heard my name outta it that would be sick. But if u just dont want to thats chill too.
  13. i might be interested - - I have some beats I never finished up; so would we do this by me saving the beat as tracked out wavs then just sending you the wav files and you build upon them?
  14. i should have asked you before. do u use FL Studio?
  15. yeah, fl studio with a bunch of VSTs - - cause i'm thinking if we just swapped flp files I've got a bunch of sounds you wouldn't have and vice versa unless we use all the same vst programs plus then send custom instrument files and all that
  16. yeah you're probably right I need to download vst's bad I don't know how that would work.
  17. VSTs are great if you can find the one's you like and work with your style; Nexus is a great one to check out, especially if you fill it with expansions
  18. i made a crazy outer space trap beat last night,,, its sum original shit,, cuz I was out of the galaxy last night flying around n shit, trying to not go insane
  19. Post dat shit mane

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