Future shit - Vibrating Tattoos

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  1. Are you a biblical man?
  2. that some mark of the beast end of the world kinda shit. they are gonna start doing this to ll infants its like id tag
  3. thats ridiculous.
  4. Next stop, Skin cancer!

  5. Ive seen that article before.

    Idk man. That shit cray?

    My idea was to get a tattoo OF my pinky ON my pinky :)

    The shit against would be. I could fuck with you ALL night long if I know you have it. Lol
  6. Put it on your cock and feel good every time you get a call
  7. What's next, edible pants, reuseable condoms?
  8. I wouldn't be able to stand my skin vibrating every time I got a call... Sounds like a side effect to meth.

    Imagine how many people would get a vibrating tattoo on their dick if this happened?
  9. Reusable, edible condoms
  10. I wonder how many vibrations it would take until your skin begins to reject the implant. I can already tell I'll be one of those old men who are bitter about new technology. Either way, I'd never be able to wear one of those, given my exposure to super magnets on a daily basis... wouldn't like to know what kind of vibrations they'd lead to.
  11. Have fun getting a CT scan with that implant...
  12. No thank you.
  13. They need to make a tattoo that does that thing where if you look at it from two different angles two different pictures come up. Or a magic eye tattoo, that'd be cool.
  14. That's so awesome.

    But couldn't it be abused?

    If you could turn it off then for sure thats sweet.

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