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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Mustard, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. Now since I aint got the house, nor the funds at the time this is just a plan and dream. An Idea to occupy my time with. This idea and floor plan is ment for a basement. And with any luck, in the future I'll have a basement to fit such a design, and then some if possible.


    Now there are a few ideas that I think i should take time out to explain. Most of it explains itself.

    If you notice theres a insulation and 'cool' air layer on the exterior of the rooms. I got that Idea from overgrow.com, to minimize IR signature and external heat.

    Heres the article - http://www.overgrow.com/growfaq/1305

    Now the one thing that really doesnt look weird, but there more to it but i decided to leave out details; is the cabinet in the center. I was thinking "Well, I'm gonna need soil, fertilizer, tools, water, etc. But I dont want to have to walk into another room because its in a cabinet in there. Nor to i want to by twice the supplies so i can have some of each in cabinets in both rooms." So I thought about it for awhile i decided that i should make the cabinet be fitted in both rooms. where it is accessible to both rooms. Drawers will pull out from either side, in the veg room and flowering room. and any doors on the bottom where i would assume store soil and fert, same kinda thing.

    So, any comments?
  2. now immagine that built under ground in like say the back yard of your house???? now dosent that make more sence then turning a whole house into a grow opp?? :D
  3. I'd do that only if i had large property and nieghbors that arnt for a few football fields away.
  4. you must smoke allooottttt. ever need any help keepin the bong warm GIVE ME a call.

    Have Fun, Dirt
  5. Right now i dont smoke alot, dont got the funds for now. But in the future i want to be able to grow many different strains at a time so i can try em out. And i would love to try breeding. Also id have that much growing for other reasons.

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