Future planning. HPS Questions.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by JefeGrande, May 4, 2011.

  1. So I was looking at this site and found these HPS 200W bulbs for a smoking price.
    LU200 - HPS - 200 Watt - High Pressure Sodium - Mogul Base - ANSI S66 - Plusrite 2015 | 1000Bulbs.com

    Do these just screw into a normal 120V Light socket or do they need a special socket? I was thinking about buying a couple of those bulbs and wiring them to these bases for my future grow. Is this an OK plan?
    LU200 - HPS - 200 Watt - High Pressure Sodium - Mogul Base - ANSI S66 - Plusrite 2015 | 1000Bulbs.com

  2. You seem confused so let me advise you on your planning...
    Lighting: you want 200w? Get something like this. Sunlight Supply Sun System? 2 Enclosed 250 Watt Grow Light System MH/HPS - Style # 900503, hid light systems,hid light systems,hid lighting system,hid lighting systems,cheap hps light system,400w hps light system,hps grow light system

    Just plug that into a light timer (18 - 24 hours of light per day for vegging, 12 hours on 12 hours off for flowering) and thats set.

    Grow space...whether its a room or a tent or whatever, make sure it is 100% light tight! When lights are on, no light escapes...when lights are off no light comes into the grow area....if it does, your plants might turn hermie and produce crap yield...

    air circulation...get a good little fan at home deot for 10-15$ and let the air blow around a bit on the plants and/or the light to cool... Have good intake/ exhaust.

    Check out the beginner grow pages for more info/details.:)
  3. Yea I have a little CFL Rubbermaid Grow right now...

    I was just going through that 1000bulbs.com site and saw those HPS 200W bulbs for so cheap so it got me interested in what I needed to use one of those bulbs... I was just feeling really cheap and thought that looked like a cool deal. 7$ for the bulb ~50$ for the ballast, maybe 10 bucks for a DIY Reflector. Just an idea...

    But thanks for the reply.
  4. Yes, but you also need a capacitor and ignitor for HPS. Not sure on the specs for a 200W.

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