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Future of Pandora's box

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Volcano South, May 20, 2010.

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  1. Fair enough, and you'll note that I did spell out that I didn't really think that of you, I just didn't think you comprehended what he was saying. Sorry if I offended you.
  2. I think the decision is made, so all this is meaningless IMHO. I feel like many of the other older and more mature members, there is a place and time for that, but not on GC.
  3. :hello: :hello: :hello:

    I support this 100000000000%

    I'm so sick of all the junkies posting about heroin, oxy's, etc... If you're a junkie, go post about it somewhere else...

    I don't even go in the box anymore... And that's pretty bad... I was one of the biggest pro-box people you'd ever come across... But not anymore... It went from a forum that was more about the more taboo discussions (most of which weren't even drug related), to a place for all the drug addicts and junkies to talk about their addictions, and how they're throwing their lives down the toilet. It's fucking depressing, and I hope it comes to an end SOON.

  4. Exactly!!!

    I guess my wife having cancer and my health issues arent enough to justify our medical use of marijuana. :rolleyes:

    There is always one person who reminds me of why I stay in the grow forums. I get attacked for just stating my opinion which is what I though this thread was started for.... :confused_2:
  5. I don't take offense in a debate, people make typo's, misunderstand statements, and correct them, as I did. I certainly have no problem with any of your posts, nor take any offense from any of them. The posts only serve to further the discussion, and I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong, and making the appropriate corrections.

    How exactly do you classify maturity?

    Also, regardless of if the "decision" has already been made, so long as the thread is still open, and there still is a conversation going on, then this is not pointless, it's anything but.

    Also, I clearly feel very passionate about this, so I will continue to debate my points, as maturely as possible, until the thread is closed.
  6. If you are referring to me, I was not attacking to you, I was simply pointing out how I thought the way you phrased your point was hypocritical. I AM NOT attacking you for your opinion, and would not do that.

    You posted your health issues and your wife having cancer after I made my post, and I did not know that at the time of my post. I have edited the post, and I am sorry for your health issues, as well as your wife, and I sincerely hope your problems are resolved. My mother has cancer, so I'm not just saying that.
  7. We all are getting a little emotional. Let's kick back and smoke a joint :)
  8. Im in..:smoke::smoke:
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    This thread has a poll, and votes, and thoughts/opionions that back those votes.

    For members to be giving out negative rep to users(me) because they don't agree with them(me), it's wrong.

  10. Thanks for that. I in no way am trying to be a hypocrite. I know people will do what they want to do. My post was not meant to be hypocritical so I am sorry I didnt make it clear. Often I will post and not proof read to make sure I am completely clear with my point. But I got it across to several others so maybe you just read into way to much.

    Lets just squash this miscommunication and let the thread get back on topic and get more feedback from others. :)

    I also appreciate the kind words. Its been a ruff battle for us both. She was supposed to be dead already but she has been strong and we are now down to 2 small tumors that will hopefully be gone after a few more treatments. We are fighting our way to the end and the marijuana has helped her tremendously. I wish all the best for you, your mother, and your family my friend. :)
  11. Cannabis, widely considered a "gateway drug", tends to inevitably lead to experimentation with "hardcore" drugs. Having open discussions about these drugs (by people that have actually experienced them) leads inquiring minds to make informed decisions.

    Pandora's box is the place for these discussions. It lets GrassCity stay GrassCity, without ignoring other drugs' existence.

    just my .02...
  12. Except the Gateway Drug theory is utter bullshit and a perfect example of correlation rather than causation. Life is a gateway drug. Some people are going to seek out drugs no matter what.

    If it were legal people wouldn't be exposed to shady dealers peddling harder stuff, as well.
  13. Good point Unclenugs. I wouldn't have gotten hooked on Heroin years ago if a bunch of junkies told me about the bad side too.
  14. Getting rid of the hardcore drugs is only gonna make the city better. We need as much positively on here as possible in hopes of bettering marijuana laws for everyone. :smoke:
  15. There are very few threads talking about the bad side, though. It's all about appeciating them except for maybe one thread that wants to fight the appreciation of them.

    The decision to not discuss other drugs other than psychedelics has already been made. Now, we're discussing whether psychedelics (or certain psychedelics) can still be discussed.
  16. I would then say the natural psychedelics are fine in my book. I have a lot of experience growing most of those too, I just don't talk about it here much because that's not what I see the purpose of GC being. Just my opinion :)
  17. wtf the whole point of PB is so ican come tell you guyz how much rock i smoked over the weekend
  18. i'm all for psychedelics. :hello:
  19. haha, note the " " marks around gateway drug...

    This is why there needs to be open discussions about drugs.

    If cannabis has taught me anything, it's that people will make up lies about drugs to get kids to not do them. Most of the info out there on the internet and the info that is pumped down every throat of every kid in the US school system will tell you that doing drugs (including MJ) will kill you. We all know that this isin't true in all cases.

    Kids these days get their info from the internet, If they want to know about drugs, chances are they will stumble on grasscity through one search or another (after all, we are the best counter-culture community).

    When someone does stumble on this site, I, Personally, want them to leave with a good understanding of what they're looking for. Again, GrassCity's main focus is and always will be Cannabis, but a sub forum like Pandora's Box is the place for the other drugs.

  20. I would agree... these have never truly harmed far as I know anyway..
    the Indians lived long lives :D
    just like cannibus something mother nature has provided us...
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