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Future of Pandora's box

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Volcano South, May 20, 2010.

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  1. This would be awesome as well :D
  2. VS: what would you consider a psychedelic?

    good discussions y'all.. this helps a lot!

  3. I have to agree with lessismore :smoke:
  4. I also support making the Box a psychedelic-only area. :)
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    I really had to look it up.

    I would say there were a few WOW moments in my life, my first MDMA experience being one of them. If you weren't all like WOW WOW LET ME TOUCH THIS HOW ARE YOU? on MDMA then you got some bunk shit. I know you don't hallucinate on MDMA (can on MDA though) but according to the definition it brings about a synergistic (synestheisa) experience for those on it. People have ecstasy parties because not only are they fun, but they bring you closer to each other.

    Another WOW moment would be the first time I did mushrooms because that was in truth my first psychedelic experience where I actually hallucinated.

    N,N-DMT has, so far, been my biggest WOW moment where I actually had an out of body experience (those not in the know, this is typical and the pinnacle of a DMT experience) which I would term as a mystical state due to what I saw. Read the trip report and you'll agree.

    It doesn't mention deliriums which is typically a diphenhydramine trip. So, no DPH. DXM is a disassociate drug by definition so.... let's kick DXM to the curb. I've done both and I did them both when I was younger than 18 and had no access to grass. Had I had good grass at the time I would've likely never did that stupid shit.

    I talked with this to Rummy earlier and she asked me a similar question. If I had to put it to a list I'd say:

    MDMA and analogues (MDA/MDE)
    Psilocybin/Psilocin mushrooms and truffles
    LSD and analogues (LSA)
    N,N-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT (including the ritualistic ayahuasca/pharmahuasca)
    Phenethylamines as studied by Shulgin (2-x series)
    Tryptamines as stuided by Shulgin (DMT and beyond)

    The thing is, the list really doesn't stop there. This new psychedelic section would honestly need to be a case-by-case basis. I'm not saying all new threads would need to be approved, but some carefully selected moderators would be able to keep that area in shape as we'd be losing 90% of the idiot-created "other-drug" related threads. We can't eliminate things that are new and untested. There's some chemicals that fully substitute for MDMA in rats (MDAI and 5-IAI) that are relatively untested. If someone had something to say about those oddity chemicals it would be a welcome read for my eyes.

    Anyone care to comment further?
  6. interesting man.. thanks for that.

    of all the 100's and 100's of hits of LSD i've done.. my biggest WOW moment was mescaline hands down.. god damn that shit is intense! I wish i had the balls (and the heart) to do it again
  7. Why are you so anti-DXM?
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    The threads do not cause harm for someone relapsing. If you have ever been addicted to something, or gone to counselling, you will know that often what leads to a relapse are events that happens days in advance, not a post on a forum.

    There was a time when people considered marijuana a hardcore drug, however, I find it completely hypocritical that these users who were so persecuted, do not want other's to discuss their drug of choice. That is the purpose of the box. Additionally, if members sign up only to talk in the box, so be it, it's more members on the site, and I'm sure they will also contribute to the thread.

    Also you may think that the forum hurts people, I could make the argument that it has also helped people. Simply because you want to talk only about weed is rediculus.

    It comes down to opionion, or lets even go with statistics. There seems to be several threads that include alcohol, are those threads to be allowed? Because there have been greatly more damage caused by alcohol than by marijuana.

    Also, have we learned nothing from prohibition, and the war on drugs in general. It leads to only harm, whereas harm reduction, and liberalism with drugs actually reduces the harm caused. This is simply an attempt at grasscity ( a community of DRUG USERS) having their own prohibition over other drugs.

    It comes off as completely hypocrtical, and snide, that simply because you don't partake in those drugs makes you better than someone else. Isn't that part of the reason marijuana is illegal, which is what so many of you claim so greatly to oppose.

    Additionally a poll shows a fraction of the members who partake on this board, and not evenone will vote, thus making this a moot point, and only serves to create controversy, which perhaps was your goal in the first place, and by which I would say is a very immature goal.

    "Hardcore" is an opionion, and it's wrong to limit what drugs becuase some users think they are hardcore. There are plenty of rules in place in Pandora's thread, and if it leads to immaturity, then those members deserve to be banned and punished. Not the community as a whole, although you may not agree with it, there is a large amount of members who do take part in those discussion, as well as discussion on other parts of the site, and you, nor other members should be petitioning the staff to limit what can be discussed.

    Additionally, according to your logic, by being on this website, users who are on probation, parole, or have to take drug tests may "relapse" and smoke weed, and thus causing themself more harm. However it was NOT the website, not the posts that caused that to happen, it was the actions. People have free will, and it will ultimately come down to that.

    This thread disgusts me. Making a petition to limit the speech of other members is seriously wrong.
    By your definition that would include cocaine, morphine, codeine, opium, thebaine.

  9. I think your list is solid, but think that if there was ever a reference list of 'allowable' drugs it would need to allow for new/old additions that could be considered for discussion. Case-by-case like volcano said.

    missing from your list, Muscimol (Amanita muscaria), and Salvia
  10. Grasscity does not represent the marijuana enjoying community. Nobody cares if you talk about drugs on here. The media aint looking at this shit. Its the internet, ignoring it is one click away.
  11. You make a very good point Jam, I didn't think about it that way. I think, however, at the very least the box needs more moderators / moderating effort to keep the threads in check.

  12. I 2nd that. Its called "Grass City" not crack town. I myself have dabbled in many other things in my youth. It doesn't belong on GC in my opinion.

  13. Yes, that's absolutely correct. Were you trying to make a point?
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    Because the Dextroverse is a wonderful place if you want to discuss DXM. I personally know a couple of cats over at the DV and they'll be more than happy to let you post on their forum.

    This is not our forum, we don't pay for it, we don't own it. Those who do pay for it and own it aren't liking the direction PB has gone towards recently. For RMJL and SuperJoint this is a business and the forum is secondary. After long deliberation I have decided talking about heroin, PCP, crack, and methamphetamine have their own special place on the Internet, but it isn't here.

    Never tried Amanitas (probably won't) but yeah Salvia can take you to a different world. It's quite like DMT in duration and what happens, but the body load/laughing is different on Salvia. But yes, if drugs are listed it would need to be an open-ended list. How about no list at all and just careful moderation?

    Thanks! Porsche had sent him some swag and it had a pipe. He later put the lighting end in his mouth and said it was the 911 pipe -- "the hot bit (engine) goes in the rear"
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    Thanks for the feedback and thanks to VS for making the poll. :)

    The only thing about changing the name of the Box is that the Box was never intended for what it's being used for. It's for controversial topics...conspiracy theories, men being impregnated, etc... A lot of what was considered controversial in the past is now political or packed into a scientific category, though. :p

    Also, we can't have a forum specifically for any other drug other than MJ. It's a legal thing tied in with the store. It something SJ can't do. Before everything had gone to hell in a hand basket with heroine and pharmaceuticals in there, I had asked for a separate forum for things such as shooms, LSD...but found out that we can't do that.

    I just feel like it would really suck to change the name or take the Box away simply because people took advantage of the forum. I think we can clean it up and fix it. I'd at least rather try that than give into wiping it from the City.

    It's kind of like the Seasoned Tokers forum. It would suck to give up on it because newbs insist on posting in there. I'd rather fix it than lose it. Those two forums have always been here.

    I was the 113th member so it's hard to cut out parts of the City that once were awesome parts of the City...and they are parts of the City's history. I love change and we need change...but I'd just rather try to fix it before killing it.

    I think it's rather obvious what the decision will be regarding all of this, though. Superjoint doesn't want all of that here anyway.

    I appreciate everyone's input...especially ACole420's.

    Again...thanks VS!!! :)
  16. More moderators, completely. Please read this blog post. I am constantly in the box, and apparently one of the few defending it. I have made I think a good argument why there needs to be more junior mods in the box, and offered to be one:

    You're right, the website is called "Grass City" not crack town, hwoever, there is 1 out of 52 forums that users are ALLOWED to discuss other threads. So please explain to me how 1.92% of all forums makes this "crack city" - If you want me to calculate the percentage of posts that are in the box compared to the whole, I will happily do that for you, since you're argument makes no sense.

    Another point, here is a picture of the top 10 threads, by post count (13 threads total 3 being stickies) in Pandora's Box

    Of them, the ones involving other drugs you all want to ban:
    7) What are you taking tonight
    10) What are all the drugs you did in order.

    Also, the closet thread as far as posts goes to the Opiate therad, has only 16% of the posts.

    Seems like this thread is full of people arguing on the same side, except it seems like there are 13K + posts in a thread about Opiates? Could someone please explain why that post has so many posts, if so many users are against it, and it's a weed only forum?

    Also, if you read my blog post, listed above, you will see how THAT SINGLE THREAD, has more posts, and views than ENTIRE FORUMS on Grass City, I mean crack world or whatever.
  17. The mods and admins know how I feel about it already. This is Grasscity, not Drugcity.

    I would probably still allow talk about shrooms but even that is a stretch. They are relatively harmless and very natural though.

    I would ban discussion of any pharmecuticals or illegal drugs that require chemical synthesis, were I to offer a compromise.
  18. The way I see it. Grasscity should be about natural and "grown from the land" drugs not the shit some geeker concocted in the kitchen of a mobilehome. This includes cocaine...but if you have a coca leaf related thing I wanna hear it.:D
  19. What about DMT then? DMT isn't often synthesized, it's more commonly extracted.
  20. Eh that's why I lean towards making it cannabis only really, but I would say also that if it needs to be extracted then it's not totally natural. I love DMT but this isn't where I come to discuss it, and I also think it's a drug best left to spiritual pursuits, like salvia or peyote.

    Ban them all but the grass then. Makes it easier :confused_2:

    Oh also over the counter crap like DXM abuse.
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