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  1. Hi everyone, im not at my first grow but I never managed to get a plant survive till flowering because I wasen't prepared, so this time I will make sure I'm prepared. I am ordering white widow soon and they will grow hydroponically in floranova grow, under 400 watt of 6500k cfl bulbs. and I will give them floranova bloom for flowering and a 400 watt hps + 300 watt of 2700k cfl bulbs. I will grow the plants in various size rubbermaid bucket and cut holes on top of the lid and put mesh pots in it. and I currently have a dual output aquarium pump and 4 airstones for each bucket.

    I will also buy a ph and ec meter, I think I will go with the grocheck ph and ec from hanna

    I have a 21"x29"x63" cabinet and a 22"x50"x65" closet to grow in.

    When I will receive the seeds, I will put 6 of them in germination for 2-3 days, then put them into ph balanced stone wool cubes and start their veg states under 24h cfl's and put a dome on top of the cubes. (I killed 4 seedling last time, lol)
    after about 6 good week under the vegetation chamber, I will bring the survivor's to the flowering chamber and put all light's on and give them their right nutrients.

    My plan is to be able to harvest 2 plants every 2 weeks or every month, I would like to have 100g per plants or more would be better. I would need to have 10 plants under flowering since it takes about 9 week of flowering for harvest.I will also need to find a female and keep her as the mother and as soon she's is ready to take clone from her, I will cut 2 ever 2 weeks and place them in vegetation for 6 weeks before switching to flowering.

    Pretending I receive the seeds today, 6 are placed between wet toilet paper and placed in a ziploc, 3 days after they are placed in the vegetative chamber for 6 weeks(48 days). before switching to flowering, I will take 4 clones from each plant and I will identify them to know which one is the female and keep only the 4 healthiest plants, 1 for a mother and 3 for production.The plants will then stay 63 days in flowering then atleast a week or two of curing. so its a total of 128 days till ready to smoke some I assume fantastic white widow.

    This is the stuff im sure about.

    Now I wanna know if someone can lead me to informations about how to calculate gram/sq. meter, By what I know it also has to do with the lights.

    and wolud like to know if co2 is really important for growing dense and high yield buds.

    I know I might have repeated the same things few time but If you see anything I am doing wrong or you know how I could make it better, let me know.


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