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  1. Well guys, funny I am posting as I am on my last 1/8 before I take my dream job which will land me in Denver. I was hit by a car when I was 14 and it has created back problems that Doctors here just shove muscle relaxers and pain killers down my throat. I do not use Rx meds as I do not like how they make me feel. I was also on Xanax, Zoloft and Ambien (the holy trinity haha) all of which I have tossed and used MJ instead. I am hoping having things like this on my record will allow a Dr in Colorado to recommend me as a MMJ patient.

    I am from Texas, highly motivated salesman who has been enjoying MJ for years and it has never had a negative effect on my life.

    MJ has been great, opened me up to much more while in college and I graduated with honors. I hate the negative stereotypes of what "people who smoke weed" are because I like the good majority of us have normal everyday lives just like everyone else who does not smoke.

    I will be going to another non MMJ state to train for a few months before they ship me out to Denver. Either way after today and tomorrow of enjoying my favorite flower it is time to take a break (haven't had one longer than a week or two since I started in college) simply because I want to make sure I pass any DT on my own. I do not know for sure if I will even have one or when it will be but in the end I feel it will all be worth it and I cannot wait to be reunited. Just to be safe of before and after the possible test I am planning this break to last from now until Christmas. Wish me luck and happy toking!:smoke:

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