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    so i was readin this and i was thinking about how awesome the future will be.

    this led me to wonder, if i had the chance to freeze myself in a cryogenic lab, would i do it?
    would you?
    like in futurama, fry (involuntarily) gets frozen until 3000.

    imma set up a poll too

    anywyas discuss. would you be down to freeze yourself like fry got frozen
  2. I always thought futurama sounded like some gay disco gangbang porn tape from the late 70's

  3. ...........oh
  4. There's a good chance the freezer would be destroyed in a nuclear war before it was time to unfreeze 1000 years later.
    This question reminds me of what happened in the movie idiocracy.
    Edit: Futurama is my favorite cartoon. Fuck yeah!!
  5. i find the show entertaining sometimes..

    im more of a family guy type of guy tho.

  6. Yeah. I always Imagine what it would be like to see into the future or go back to the past.
  7. Futurama at the World's Fair in New York, 1939

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74cO9X4NMb4]‪GM Futurama - 1939 World's Fair - Part 1‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
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    Amazing link has a lot of interesting facts about projects being completed in the future and even more interesting and plausible predictions for the future :)
  9. I don't think all of it is Even close to being correct. It seems impossible to accurately predict a lot of these things. Nonetheless very very interesting. Someone on this forum showed it to me. I forgot who though
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    It's probably not accurate at all for stuff way in the future but for predictions set between now and a few years from today, many of them seem very reasonably plausible. LOl yea but it is a really interesting read!
  11. American Dad is better, Family Guy cheats by bringing random situations that aren't at all involved with the story for cheap laughs.
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    Family Guy lacks integrity and makes me wonder how many writers have ADHD, American Dad is into one sided politics and is often dry unfunny humor, South Park is alright but brings in really cheesy plots, The Simpsons keep a good storyline but after all 22 seasons we can easily predict the characters (which is not really a bad thing), King of The Hill is dry Texan humor which is really funny in it's own way "the boy just ain't right", Futurama is my favorite because it's somewhat intelligent science fiction and makes you think about paradoxes and whatnot. Freshest TV cartoon, also my favorite.
    That's my summary of today's cartoons. :)
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    Futurama is bomb, I'm so happy it came back!

    That link you posted is crazy... blew my mind. Is it a serious site, i mean do they have facts to back up what they are saying? or is it pure imagination?
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    Hahah that's how I totally feel dude, futurama has some really well thought out episodes like the one with frys brother when he finds out that his brother named his son after him cause that's how much he really loved him and all that time he always thought his bro was a jackass. These episodes really speak to you
  15. i would if i can take someone
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    yeah man the one where he finds a dog almost made me tear lol at the end
  17. :laughing:
    Wasn't that the movie?
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    Nope, it was the episode "Jurassic Bark"...only cartoon episode to ever move me to tears.

    Futurama is an amazing show, I don't really know of any other which has had so many episodes that I consider perfection. The sci-fi stuff makes you think while the pop-culture and academic references makes you laugh. I think if you're not a college person who is into intellectual stuff the show will go over your head though, which is why it's not as popular as LCD stuff like 2.5 Men or even the Big Bang Theory (which is essentially making fun of nerds instead of identifying with them).

    If I had a chance to move to the future, I would. But I'd have the stipulation that I be given the option to exit my hibernation every decade just in case the world is a place where I want to see. It'd suck to leave everyone behind, but I want to see the future too.
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    Yea man I really love this show just wish that more people watched it and realized how amazing it is
  20. Lol 'address all complaints to the monsanto corporation.' (2nd episode)

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