Furthest you drove on a donut tire?

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  1. What's the furthest you have driven on a donut tire? Had a flat before leaving for work Friday night and havnt had time to get tire repaired. Got about 60 miles on it now.
    Last time I drove a donut was a 2hr drive on the interstate. I've heard they are only good for about 50 miles. How far has anyone else been on one?

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  2. a donut spare can last as long as you need it too. just maintain its air pressure at 60 PSI(or whatever yours is recommended but most donuts are 60psi) and dont exceed 50 MPH. faster than that makes the tire build up excess heat. and fail. consider yourself lucky you have a spare at all. an increasing number of new cars dont even have a spare. they have a convenience package which is usually a can of fix a flat and a small electric compressor. i think the furthest ive traveled on a donut is like 80 miles. 
  3. My old man's tires. Well they were tires in the academic sense, they're round and made of rubber.....
  4. If where your getting is important then you'd probably want to get it fixed.
  5. hundreds and hundreds of very slow miles
  6. Damn my bmw had a full rim and tire in the trunk, now they're going to fix a flat and a mini air compressor those bastards

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  7. Tip you guys probably know about.
    Me sure you swap the donut if its smaller to the none power wheel. Like if your car is front wheel drive and the front left is flat. Put the spare in the rear and the full size tire up front.
  8. Fuck a donut - I have a spare full size tire and rim

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  9. I lasted like two months on a spare. Bad I know but it did it, I was able to still drive on it to get another tire when I eventually went. Not sure how many miles though
  10. About 10 miles through crowded LA streets till I got to my tire place I go to. But it was cool cuz I needed new tires anyways..And I was only 16 so my dad got the tab :hello: :smoke: :metal: :yay:
  11. i have driven hundreds of miles on my doughnut before. all on the highway too.  your not supposed to do that though
  12. From Florida to Vermont. Not just 1 but 2!!! Had to get home and driving on a donut wasnt going to stop me. If that wasnt bad enough, it was on a 1985 Plymouth Charger.:wacko:

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