Furryness/ Spotting around Leaf- Perhaps Fungis or Mould? Pics

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  1. Hello Guys!
    Appreciate you taking the time to look at this thread, I am new to this forum,
    Have never come across this in my experience however from doing a bit of research I am thinking it may be "Powdery Mildew"
    Currently 3 weeks into Vegetation Stage and have notice some bumps on the edge of the leaf,
    As we had a bit of a issue with the timer they were not getting 18hours to start with hence the little sign of early flowering however this is now sorted out and all is good,
    Has anyone come across these bumps before as is almost looks like THC however I feel that is not the case, Any ideas or information would be much appreciated,
    The Humidity is slighly high sitting around 50-60% and it is in a very dry place 
    Thank you,


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  2. That's the beginning of trichome production, but in veg'.  It happens...
    That's going to be one frosty lady when it's finished flowering (if it indeed is a lady)!  This is one of the things that cannabis growers look for when they are trying to cull plants from a multiple (100's) seed grow for breeding/crossing.  Make sure to clone it, even if male.  Depending on it's growth characteristics, it could make a fine candidate for making seed with a choice female.
    Here are a few pic's of what PM looks like...
  3. Hi Waktoo,
    Thank you very much for your info, Feel much better about the whole situation now, I wanted a second opinion as I would never forgive myself if it had the potential to ruin the whole lot.
    Thanks again for your prompt reply, Much appreciated
  4. My plant showed the same signs like that and as he stated above she is EXTREMELY frosty. I'll snap a pic and post it later so you can see what your in for lmao
  5. Hi grade a, cheers for the comment, I am assuming that "frosty" is an extremely good thing?
  6. Indeed it is! Here's a pic ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416347253.032340.jpg
  7. Wow! Looks delicious! Well done mate! Will have to give you an update in 11 weeks haha. Thank you

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