Furry Art, Fursona Sketch book.

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  1. Well i'm going to use this thread to chronicle my art progression. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. I'm gong to have my Avi and Sig commsionned from a great artist. In the mean time i'll post my own art work. This is my first drawings in 4 years with a no2 pencil. I'm picking up a nice set come the first of the next month. Let me know what you think any critiques are welcome.


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  2. Looks pretty wicked! I dig the shading done in the 1st pic. The second pic looks more outline dominant. 
  3. Since you like drawing wolves or whatever you think you can draw me a sick 
    picture of Anubis? 
  4. Hell i'll give it a shot!
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Hell yeah, thats pretty dope man. I've been wanting a tattoo of Anubis and might use something like that. Thanks for 
    taking the time keep at it. +rep if i could. 
  7. Thanks man, i'm slowly getting better but it's hard with my shakes :p
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  8. Workin on anatomy. Faces are hard.
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  9. Wolf Link from Zelda Twilight Princess.
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  10. this one shows really good progress, very nice. i love the wolf theme :)
  11. Special Request Growlithe!!
  12. bitchin penciling, how long do those take?
  13. usually around 30 min or less.
  14. Got a pencil set today. Here's my first test run with having them ^_^ Still got to learn to use darker shades so i can get more out of them but i fear the heavier pencils don't ask me why. Was hard since i'm shaky today but i'm happy with it.
  15. Good drawings, but... why is this tagged as Sexy? lol
  16. lool above post..
      Hey man, if you want to draw them better, you're gonna need to spend a few weeks examining skeletal and muscle anatomy..
      It appears daunting at first, but after a while, you'll get the hang of it.
      The best part about learning skeletal anatomy is that because mammals all generally exhibit homology, whether you're a whale, or a dog, or a human, you are virtually practicing the anatomy of ALL mammals!    So learning the face of a dog, is in essence practicing human anatomy..  Does this make sense to you?  

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