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    This is my first post...So here it goes!

    Okay so I had this idea to make a Furby bong cuz it sounded like a good idea at the time...
    I took off the skin, opened up its insides, took out all of the talking shit, put some thin metal over small holes(I didn't think it would harm me cuz its just gonna be touching the filtering water), then cut a hole for the shaft, cut off the mouth and glued the eyes on... then I did a FUCK TON of electric taping/duct taping to keep it airtight/not let water out!

    Here's the final product(I havent had its 1st smoking ceremony yet...I have to take a break for a while :()

    Me and my friend(too high to take off his gloves) ...I know the hits in the vid look weak but...it hits really nice.

    Also I forgot to include that...cuz im still living with my folks :(, I made a slider and a removable shaft. The shaft was made bigger than its hole with electric tape, so that its air tight when you shove it in(can be a bitch sometimes but you get used to it).

    Please take a look at my slider I made...If you think I should redo it or make it better please tell me....basically I just got the end of a coaxil cable(bowl) and then some plastic fish tubing and ran it under some water to soften it....then just rammed it as far on to the bowl as possible. Then put some electric tape on the tube a little down so that the holder of the slider is airtight.

    Alright Peace!
  2. OMFG that thing is hilarious!!!
  3. Just how high were you rofl? That thing is creeping me out:hide:
  4. Amazing. Happy toking :hello::smoking:
  5. That is freaking recockulous.
  6. post a smokin vid
  7. thats hilarious and ingenious as well
  8. ur gonna get hella rep for that....its awesome!!!

    + rep
  9. dude.... thats fuckin awesome! +rep!
  10. furbies are creepy as shit man

    but damn ingenious.
  11. Creepy.... but creative nonetheless.
  12. Fucking sweet dude.

    Mad creativity.

    If i knew how to +rep, i would.

  13. wow that is really freaky those things freaked the fuck out of me as a kid
  14. +rep for the bong made out of my childhood nightmares lol :p
  15. Wow thats fuckin great +rep
  16. haha thats amazing
  17. Ya I don't know what I was thinking when I got the idea...but I think it may just be cuz Im a lil crazy...for instance my last bong I made other people gave it the nickname the "Devil's Dick". Unfortunately it was 3 feet long and I had to ditch it so I gave it to my friend.

    PS thx for the comments
  18. I +repped you, but I've got one question for you: why do you have a Furby? :D
  19. you sir... have earned my respect +REP!
  20. [​IMG]

    Creepy and amazing at the same time. +REP man!

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