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  1. I just woke up and was getting some munchies from downstairs.
    I came down to find mcdonalds wrappers on the counter and floor, coubards open, ketchup still out, empty cookie box, wendys, and a bunch of other shit everywhere.
    I thought to myself "Fuck why does she have to get stoned and leave her shit everywhere"
    Then I realized that I had just smoked the weed she bought (was alloud) and was high as fuck myself and leaving shit out while getting munchies.
    Shame on me :p
  2. wait..wat?
  3. Dude you lost me.
  4. Question Mark.
  5. i was really hoping i could understand this
  6. Idk what's hard to understand? Except he just referred to the mystery female as "she". Girlfriend? Mom? Lol.
  7. I understood everything...

    -went downstairs to get munchout
    - saw mess in the kitchen
    - got angry at whoever did this (sister or gf?roommate?)
    - found out he was high as fuck
    - he made the mess
    - everything went better than expected

    but nice :D happened to me before xD

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