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  1. I was staying at my friends house for the night, smoking and playing n64. We decided to sneek out and walk around and get some fresh air while smoking some bowls out of a bubbler.
    After finishing some bowls we start to head home and these................

    2 adults on bikes ride near us and yelled "You guys have any weed you can sell us"? I normally would say yes but once again the man and woman seemed sketch. I got a better look at them when they road clolser and after looking at them like I would look at animals I thought to myself "hmmm, don't look like stoners or people that would ever smoke yet alone ask for it late at night on the street." I knew I was going to say no after what I saw and the time of night etcc. i looked at them for 8secs or so after they asked me and I said no in a quite voice. The 2 people just acted like they didnt care, said thanks and kept riding on.

    In the end me and my friend both thought the 2 people on bikes were undercover cops. I think they saw us smoking and road up too us from behind and then asked us knowingly that we might have bud or some kind of smoke,it was just if we would have said "yes" to selling it that would have gotton us f'ed in the a.

    Good night though overall, peace herbbody
  2. Fail post lol
  3. Not funny
  4. f'd in the a is absolutely funny man

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