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  1. So my two friends and I are sittin in her living room baked off our asses, all zoned out, my friends mom walks in and starts talkin to us about how somehow they are related to king henry or something, and we all zone out and arent even listenin, just watchin her mouth move, then she says " I just said and then pigs flew out of ur ass, and you nodded" then she just shook her head and walked out, we were laughin for hours :smoking:
  2. Haha, i used to do that all the time to ma mom, when i have friends over she'll try and talk to us, we just smile and nod, occasionally say "Ok" or "Haha" lol, then the one day shes like, "Aliens are coming to probe you guys" we were like "Ok"..ha, funny shit
  3. When i used to live with my dad whenever me and my friends were chillen he would just see us all eating dominoe's and watching the food channel and laugh. He would fuck with me cause he knew i was high it was pretty funny to my friends btu it kinda pissed me off sometimes like when i was really baked :(

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