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  1. Cool!

    It said "My Sources (New York Times editors) say yes!!!

    I asked it- "Ok, when Bush decriminalizes weed before his term is over (Hey! I can dream), causing a major twist in how we live our lives, will the idea of legalization be out on the table and ready to go?"

    Do the magic 8 ball, people! If you are fried out, the answers will excite you.

    ...or at least make you like the New York Times editors more...

    Thank you so much Mayor_LaLa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Was my pleasure.....

    I have to say that is is definately my favorite "boards" on the internet..... everyone is so OPEN to everyone else, full of good will (most of the time, unless we are attacked by people posing as Dr. Doom to stir up shit, lol), and always willing to lift you up when you are feeling down.

    Of course, I don't like either of the major parties, preferring Libertarians to the other devils, although I am registered as a Republican. I figure, let them think whatever they want, but my vote will not be for either the Rebs or Demi's come this fall.... I am taking that road less traveled... :)
  3. hahah thats a very interesting 8-ball...haha yea when your high the questions do kinda excite wow
  4. the answer is to raise taxes!

    ...but then, isnt that always the answer?

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