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  1. My parents hired my grandma to clean the house every tuesday. I had like a .5 nug in my dresser that i forget was in there. Well i remebered by the time she left and checked and it was gone... she never said anything about it. Then i go to throw something away and the nug was in the middle of the trashcan and the only thing in the trashcan. Do you think she knew what it was, or just thought it was trash?

  2. She's probably smoked her fair share of nugs in her life, she probably canned it because it looked like shwagg, she was trying to help you.

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  3. tbh is was schwagg... lol
  4. Hah! that's awesome man, maybe that was her way of saying "re up on some dank son"
  5. I'm sure she knew what it was.
  6. just wierd she didnt say anything about it, she thinks weed kills brain least that what she tells me lol.
  7. be like "aiyyo momz wanna smoke a bizzy in the driveway?"
    she'll whip out a choppa and say
    "fo sho nizzo lemme grizzizzab mah o2 tank, for realz"
    then you say
    "***** u donno what time im on. dont front"
    then she says
    "real spit"

  8. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

  9. ^Lol:smoke:
  10. heh heh heh thanks for the rep. i'm stoned as hell :smoke:

  11. She most definetly knew, my grandma would have swiped it LOL
  12. Gotta throw in on that gram fam!
  13. She only smokes that fire. She didn't smoke your ditchweed because it's her job to throw away trash, not smoke it.

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  14. 2010.
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  15. Neat, I have another one for 'new gc members be like:'

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