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Discussion in 'General' started by marathon1, May 24, 2010.

  1. This ever happen to anyone else?

    Your talking, typing, reading and you come across and every day word that you use often but when you think about it it's a funny and weird word.

    It just happened to me

    My word is

  2. Meal.

    I always think of stretch from Casper with Christina ricci when I hear it...
  3. I lose my marbles when i read fallopian out loud.
  4. I think i got one for this hahahahha

    KUMQUAT - small mini oranges
  5. throw pink infront of that and lol for a while
  6. Fur Burgers!
  7. bearded clam
  8. Ham wallet
  9. meat curtains
  10. Wonderskunk ;)
  11. hahah sorry if i got away with my self!
    hahahah i am sittin on my couch and loaded 4 bongs of purple kush watch southpark and they walk in to a medical dispencery
  12. Cunt, but you can't say "kuhnt", you have to say it "CAHNT!".
  13. marijuana
    seriously, it seems like such an odd word for it
    that and dunk. i mean good god. DUNK!
  14. My friend says that all the time.
  15. cirrhosis
    fuckin sounds weird, and saying it requires only the tongue's movement

    looks like it should rhyme with tone, not fun

    rough, tough, enough etc.
    Why is gh taking f's job? It's got enough on its plate with words like neighborhood and ghost. It has no business laying off the f. It ain't nobody.
  16. Indubitably :D

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