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Funny Unexpected Revenge

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GetDeet, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. K, so last saturday I brought my best bong to a friends house and he had afew other guys over. I had never seen them before so to put my first foot forward in friendlyness I took out my half Oz and asked if they want to get deet. Of course they obliged(sp?) so I busted out my bong and asked my buddy to fill it up with water while I was cutting up some Maryjane. Then one of them starts critisizing me on how I'm chopping up my dope! So I calmly said ''do you want to get high or not? if so then shut up'' So he shuts up and I decided I wanted to get these guys beyond fucked up because I was still a little annoyed. Since these guys were ''ghetto'' city folk I guess they were used to being arrogent little fucks. So I started brewing up poppers(shotguns) and the same guy said ''What are you doing? Thats not how you pack a bowl!'' By this time I was pretty pissed off because it seemed crystal clear that these guys know fuck all about ways to smoke weed. I told him the samething I told him before and he shut up... again. After I smoked one and gave one to my buddy it was their turn and we had to show them how to do smoke a popper properly.. Amazingly enough the first guy did it right on the money. His eyes were red as hell and when he stood up he ploped back on to the couch and just sat there just fucked out of his skull. Oh yah I forgot to mension when ever I bring weed to smoke with other people.. its the best weed I have, that kind of shit I don't chince out on. Then the other two hit a popper each and they were pretty deet lookin aswell. All three of them just sat their quiet for awhile while me and my buddy were sitting there hitting popper after popper. Then when these guys had to leave I had one popper left and it was HUGE! honestly it was the biggest one I'v EVER packed. My friend's place is a top floor apartment so there are stairs going down on to a deck which has bushes infront of it.
    funny part: So the guy who told me ''Thats not how you pack a bowl!'' was the one who I ''kindly'' decided to give it to. He was standing just at the door putting his shoes on when I rushed over and held the bong to his face and told him it was the last popper and I thought he should have it. He seemed pretty reluctant to do it probly because he was still blitzed but I managed to talk him into it. So I lit it and the smoke started swirling yellow inside the bong and I told him when to pull it through. When he did it went from yellow to clear in a split second hearing the magical ''pop'' sound along with the gurgling of the bong. Then I said later man and when I put the bong on the table, he stood up then his eyes rolled back and he keeled over backwards right down the stairs, out the door, over the deck and into the bushes hahaha. He wassn't hurt or anything but it looked and sounded fuckin hilarious because he was screaming like a little girl as he was bouncing down the stairs. He was no small guy so it was one of those unexpected things to hear out of someone like that. After all of us pissed ourselves laughing they left. hah lol I can almost still hear his screams to this very moment.. :smoking:

    Note: It was not my intention to send him down the stairs though I should have guessed he would have had a major head rush when he stood up.
  2. roflroflrofl good story man, i love times like that, when people think they know how to smoke and you put them into another world, +rep for shutting up another wannabe expert toker!
  3. So what r these poppers you speak of?
  4. ya i might need a better explanation, what you had said in a previous post had somethin to do with a cigarette? sounded like a good idea but my female peice is too big to hold a cig peice, or im stupid :)
  5. Dude, fuckin' rightgeous story! LoL, I second the rep.

    But I must ask, could you explain how to do these "poppers" in detail... as I'm not sure I know what they are. LoL
  6. hhahaha most def a good story, i hate when ppl think they are the shit. theres plenty of techniques out there for everyone to find one that fits their personality.
  7. are poppers like snappers? your own personal bong toke instead of a whole bowl load.
  8. i assume the poping sound is the cig paper being sucked though the female?
  9. +Rep.
    If someone's going to smoke you out, you shouldn't criticize the way they do it. I got smoked out by this chick once, and she made the shittiest blunt i ever saw, lol, but i didn't say anything about it! Just smoked it up. hehe.
  10. haha that's awesome
  11. hmm i still dont seem to understand these poppers.....(ive read that other post twice) maybe someone should make a video?? i am soo confused, but then again im sober.....and not thinkin straight hahaha

    but thats hella funny!! i HATE wanna be expert tokers! nice job showin them up!!
  12. as funny as this is dont call city folk ignorant.. k thanks
  13. haha that is funny as hell, im still a little confused with the "popper" if you had a pic of how you do it that would help
  14. I was not generalizing here but these guys were from a certain broken down part of Toronto that I was told had plenty of asshole sell hard drugs, edgy, only used to their own way of doing things. Im sorry if I offended you or anyone for that matter

    * Oh and as for all the confusion about the poppers... I'll make a vid soon hopefully and post it in the recreation section of the forum then post a link for it here.
  15. I dont like the fact that ciggarettes are going into my bong. Nice to show those cocky sons of bitches up though.

  16. If you do it right the cig wont even be lit and it will just pull through into the bong water.. its just basically a stopper that holds the weed in place.. You could use other things but a cig is safer because if you do accidentally pull through at the wrong time or not hard enough and end up smoking the ret you won't be smoking plastic, paper or anything even more hazardous items then a cig.
  17. Sweet man. That is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to toking. You're doin these people a favor by smokin them out and all they do is bitch. Way to go.
  18. that cocky bastard got what he deserved
  19. +reps nice story i laughed my ass off

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