funny things you've done in wal-mart while baked!

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  1. Doesn't have to be wally but you get the idea, ill start.
    I'm that 24y old hiding in the toilet paper shelf with red eyes and his girlfriend who can't stop laughing.
    It's fun to grab a can on Pam or crisco spray, and spray all the pickle jars... Watch a old lady drop like 3 in a row.
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    Aha one time I whent into Canadian tire with my twin brother and a couple friends when we were baked as fuck. Anyways we eneded up in the sports ection with hockey helmets on and hockey gloves and beat the shit out of eachother in the aisle. Had a job interview there earlier that week and never got a phone call back lmfao
  3. Lol. I usually just spend way too much time reading, observing, thinking... Go in for iso alcohol, look at clock in car after and wonder where 35minutes went.

  4. Yep me and my girl do the same thing, go in for something and come out like an hour later with avocodos and ice cream lol.
    She crawled inside this cardboard beef sign one time and started following people around in the store. They would just grab something in the shelf real fast and walk the other direction
  5. Went to the mall to go xmas shoppin geeked outta my mind.. did a half g in one shot and had to puke in one of the round clothes racks! kept on shopping like nothing ever happen! lol
  6. My friend and I always go so blazed and we always get a football and start playing football. One time we were throwing and I launched it and hit the sign and we geeked the eff out. It was so funny
  7. Went into Wally World around midnight after hitting a few bowls....went in for munchies and ended up staring at an employee using a blowtorch to clean the floor for like 10 minutes till he realized I was just standing there with my arms crossed and full of drinks/chips just staring at him.... So around 1am when I finally left I sat in front of the store, ate all my munchies, got to the car and thought to myself....fuck I'm hungry xD went to Mickie D's and met some pretty cool chicks. Overall a good night :)
  8. I was trying to come up with a reply to this then I remembered that I packed a bowl for 4:20... it's 4:23 -.-

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