Funny things to say to stoned friends?

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by fr33Water, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. What's up everyone!

    What are some funny things to say to friends who are stoned?

    Post some up!
  2. Here's a joke I always find funnier when I'm stoned...

    Person 1: "Knock knock..."
    Person 2: "Who's there?"
    Person 1: "Interrupting cow."
    Person 2: "Interru--"
    Person 1: "MOOOOOOO"
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  3. lol just pop a dave chapelle CD into your dvd player and you won't have to say shit to them :laughing:
  4. ^^ That too!

    "Sprinkle some crack on him and lets get out of here." xD
  5. I thought hurricane season was over?

    me and my friends like to fake talk like stereotypical stoners in public with bright red eyes haha,

    "Dude should i get, Funions or mt dew?"
    "dude, totally go with... wait what, why are we here?"
    "munchies might be like the agenda of the man dude"

  6. lmao when I get back to the states I'm doing this when I don't have anything on me :laughing:
  7. Oh we do it baked, even though we are completely competent haha

  8. haha yeah I meant more that I don't want to be carrying any weed or paraphernalia on me when I'm talking like that lol, too many bad experiences with american cops.. they use anything as an excuse to fuck you over..
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  9. I asked my friend "Are you eating?" She was eating right in front of me.
  10. I can barely contain my laughter
  11. you: "I have a funny joke, say 'knock knock'"
    Stoned friend: "knock knock"
    You: "who's there?"
    Stoned friend: "......."
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