Funny thing that happened to me the other day.

Discussion in 'General' started by roorexpert2, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. We were parked in front of lil ceasars geting extreamly baked hittin my roor. so everybodys all quiet after we blazed, and im just spacing out on the truck to the side of us..

    so i notice the car to the seems movin and i look at the car and we're rolling back. i start screaming rapidly telling my friend to put on the emergency break! but he's too stoned and keeps saying what? what the fuck!? and then everyone is confused and im like dude the cars rolling back press break! at this point im panicing..

    then i jump out the car and realize that the car to the side of us was just moving, and we were in one spot..

    almost had a heart attack..

    everyone just stared at me like i was completley crazy..

  2. Story of my life...
  3. haha thats the weed paranoia kicking in!!
  4. had the same thing happen to me way to many times.

    the worst was once when we pulled in and the exact second me stopped the car next to us reversed out, so it looked like we just kept going.

    i yelled really loud because i thought we were going to drive into the front of the restaurant.
  5. yes yes this is exactly what happened we stopd but teh car next to us started moving the same time we stopd so it looked liek the car was rolling backwards
  6. it was fucked up. the timing was so perfect that i almost lost my shit.
  7. lmao nice one. hey wheres that picture of some chicks ass you were gonna send me man?
  9. oh, you stoner, you. :D
  10. lol what the fuck dude hahahahhah +rep^2

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