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    My dad's a family lawyer in a state that doesn't even have decriminalization, let alone legalization. He went to court with his client, who wanted custody of his kid, so my dad's client had to take a drug test due to past legal issues. The judge asked my dad's client, "I'm not even going to drug test you. Just tell me what drugs you use." My dad and his client were shocked. They talked about what to say and my dad told him to just tell the truth in case they end up drug testing him. So my dad said, "Your honor, my client smokes marijuana often." The judge laughed and said, "Well, it's getting legal and all that in all these states anyway, right? Who cares?" I couldn't believe my dad at first, but it's true. I wish I go before a judge like that if I ever get caught.

  2. If you're going to wish, make it something good.
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    Bet anything the Judge has gotten high and knows its not like a crack head hiding in the shitter cooking rocks or a junkie slamming smack.
    Judges are people too, they see every liar , bullshitting con artist there is. Must shock them to hear the truth.
  4. Judges run the show, he got lucky.
  5. Coolest dude working for the government, ever.
  6. Not to funny more of a had to b there moment, was sitting with a mate waiting for his case to come up, watching a few cases before the judge tells this chav to sit down and shut up, he didn't so he was dragged out.

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