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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dael, May 18, 2006.

  1. a few months back me and my friends were really, really stoned and jus walking around thinkin of something to do

    anyways we remember that my friends girlfriend has a free house, so we go round and see if we can crash

    when we get there they refuse to let us in, which we expected anyway but were really fuckin high haha so we go around the back to try n get in and this girls little brothers and sisters are in the kitchen, and they are all fuckin syko kids i sware one kid was tryin 2 attack me with a drill and he was about 12 years old ahah

    anyway, me, dale (he is called dale aswell), rob and jack are at the backdoor which also leads to the kitchen, jack is fighting / rumblin with some of the kids in there and me dale and rob are jus watchin over what looked like a warfield because we were all so high

    all this is happening and were like wtf then all of a sudden my friend rob, spys this box of porrdige oats on the counter, picks it up, every1 looks at him like stops fightin n jus stares at himfor about 2 seconds, then he jus throws it into the middle of the kitchen and all the kids get fucking covered in cereal powder shit ahah they looked like snowmen and shit anywya we had 2 run out and we jus fell into the road laughin so hard, dales girlfriend dumped him because of this but they are back together now so happy ending, shit was so funny though haha

    keep smokin :smoke:
  2. ROFL that's fucking hilarious. I could see it now, it would all go into slow motion. He'd pick up the box, every1 would stop look at him, he'd look at the box and get a little sinister smile on his face, then bang they'd be covered. Great story, I feel bad for the girl who had to clean that shit up though.
  3. dude thats fucking psycho, your friends have problems, i mean this goes beyond shennigans to start to tom foolery and that just isnt allowed
  4. Ha, funny shit.

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