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  1. ok. well a friend and i were talking about camping and what not. and i said when i get my medical card ima get some weed and smoke him out. and then i said i was going to get special brownies. then i started obessing with them. and i said shit i wish someone would just come up to me and give me a brownie. and what do you know. the moment i said that 2 girls walked up to me and my friend and said do you guys want brownies. and im like what the fuck? we both looked at eachother and started laughing and then the girls said dont worry they arnt special. and i said aww.. why not? anyway we took some and it turns out that they were just giving out brownies so we can vote for someone as president or some shit in college. i didnt but it was a wicked day.
  2. this story would be really great if those brownies
    A) Had chocolate horse laxatives in them.. or
    B) Were actually special brownies.

    I had a weird incident like that at school, but i wont go into it :)

  3. go in to it...:devious:

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