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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jimmA, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. it was my birthday yesterday and me and about 7 other dudes went out for a smoke.
    after a while we had broken all the windows of 3 phone boxes overturned a very small car and made a melon into a bong.
    probably not funny really
    but i was stoned then and now so i dont care.
    im gonna have another J
  2. Have some respect for your city. Other people live there too. Please don't give us stoners a worse name than we already have.
  3. sry dude
    i dont go out to do this in mind but now uve made me feel really guilty.
    ur the first person whos made sense bout that kinda stuff.
    well done
  4. eh i think its pretty fuckin cool

  5. Pretty fuckin retarded more like..
  6. I tagged a car once when I was 14, I do regret it a lot.

    Don't do things like that man.
  7. I never destroy private property. Unless it's mine. Then it usually ends up in my ear.
  8. I remember I set a 30 foot huge fire in the middle of the street in front of my friends house. The fire truck runs over it and catches on fire ROFL.
  9. ya id loved to do chap like da when i was high, drunk or both it was kick ass till one night i went out got drunk and went way to far im lookin at 2-3 years in jail
  10. If that's what you do when you get high I would not like to see you when you are drunk.

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