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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by half-baked, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. alright guys, this ones pretty funny. it didnt happen to me personally but it was my friends older bros who were big potheads in highschool.and still are. one of ems dad was o scientisst type deal wiht alot of old chemistry equipment. so they decide to make ths kickass bong out of they made it all up and then just left it out in the open of this little room nobody usually goes in. but there mom comes in and finds it. she didnt confront them about it but just left a little note that said ' i dont know why u guys are making a bomb but i want it taken apart". end of story.
  2. HAHAHAHA!!!
    one time my mom found my glass bong and she thought it was a musical instrument of some kind
  3. haha! dude the music peace one is even better than mine! thats hilarious!
  4. ya dude my boyfriends parents found some seeds he had and he told them that they were bb gun pellets or some crap like that, and they bought it...
    now i just have to find wehre i put my seeds(and my stash box). my folks havent brought it up yet.
  5. My mom wouldn't go for it.. My dad used to sell when she met him so she knows what it looks like and all the parapheneilla that goes with it... but of course she also bought my brother a bowl while she was on vaccation.. she said she did it so he would stop useing aluminum foil... Whatever!! LoL
  6. i wish my mom would buy me a bowl! she would kick me outts the house if she knew i did it cus my dad went to prison for sellin drugs. and shes smart about this kinda stuff so i have to be extra stealthy

  7. mine is really dumb when it comes to drugs
  8. My mom found my old metal pipe before. It had a screw on mouth peice. The stem was a threaded tube. Then there was a connector for the stem and bowl, then the bowl screwed in vertically. If you saw that you would KNOW.. "hey, that's a pipe."
    My dad is a mechanic, she thought it was from a car or somethin. And gave it to my dad. He left it on the kitchen table and I took it back. He never said anything about it.
    And then my mom found one of those headphone plug adapters, you know, so you can plug modern headphones into the old jacks that are like 3-4 times bigger? She thought it was a smoking appartus of some sort and gave it to me like "be more careful.".. heheh.
    My mom seems pretty cool about it. She would rather I didn't smoke cause she's like.. "my baby is on drugs blahblahblah", but, she and I are comfortable enough so that I joke with her about it. Or say things such as, "I'm goin out for a smoke now".

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