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Funny Story

Discussion in 'General' started by stash_up, May 31, 2003.

  1. ok, theres this brick hut in a field near my house, me and my mate dave go down there to smoke and we found a homemade bong down there made from a bottle, a plastic tube and a bit of hose pipe, so i got it an pissed in it,lol, genious of me. by the way the people who it belongs to are pricks, i wudnt piss in a nice stoners bong.
  2. fag end ricg! ok im really stoned! im gonna fininsh my ipe tho! pipe*
  3. Well, prick or not I don't think I'd piss in their bong. :) But I'm a pretty mellow person. Anyhow, remember that things come full circle. Protect your karma friend. :)
  4. That's just wrong. I'd laugh if you got aids from it or somethin.
  5. he's my best mate, but ^so would i!^ lol, he'll forive me ho knows in totally monged :D (plus im the village idiot)
  6. when i was a youngin i had at fort i used to blaze in with liike 500 home made bongs.

    one day i came in. they were wet, they were yellow, they smelt. they went in the garbage. :( what a bad day for us.

    fortunately we soon upgraded to glass ! much better than plastic and stale pop...
  7. If someone broke into my shack/shelter in the woods and pissed all over the place, i'd get a forensic scientist to find out who they were and just *happen* to slip some 95% pure nicotine into their food[​IMG]
  8. i wonder what its like to smoke outta a bong filled with piss.

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