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funny story

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JetLifeStoney, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. this was about two years ago. me and two friends went out on a night of smoking and drinking. we had a few drinks and we decided to go to a buffet restuarant where you eat your meal, then pay for it after. me and my friends walk in and we're kinda buzzed. we eat our food (we each ate a shit load haha), and while we're sitting there, we joke around that it would be funny if we just walked out without paying. we weren't being serious, we were just laughing about it. then I made a plan and said that my friend, the driver, would walk out and start the car while me and my other friend ask for the bill. I said it as a joke, then we realized that it could actually work..

    we went on with the plan and my friend acted like he was on the phone and walked out to the car while my and my friend asked for the bill. he started the car and we waited for our opportunity to walk out quickly and get away. I saw the waitress turn her back and I'm like go go go and me and my friend speed walk to the door and rushed to get into the car. by the time we got into the car though, one of the workers was running after us. my dumbass friend had the car running and he kept turning the key in the ignition lol he was still buzzed I guess. he finally remembered how to drive and we sped off right as the worker reached the door.

    it was my first time dining and dashing it felt so bad ass lol. we never got introuble for it. now that I think about it though, it was kinda fucked up that we just basically stole their shit haha. oh well we got a free meal. funny part is, we left a tip hahaha. has anyone ever dine and dashed?
  2. Ive had my card decline at maccas drive through at the first window, so i just drove to the second window and snatched my food.

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