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  1. so last night me and my friends matt and amanda were on a floating dock blazing on this canal. were sitting there just smoking bowl after bowl and i had a coke with me. so after a few bowls were laughing and amanda knocks me soda in the water. so its floating around were laughing at it then it comes back to the dock some how and i grabbed it and put it back on the dock. so after a few more bowls we decide to go back to my friends dorm and drink some brews. amanda picks up the coke and were walking away. after like 2 minutes my friend matt goes, "amanda what are you drinking" she goes "soda" and then we all stop walking and i was like, "yo theres no soda in there..." and we all screamed and she threw the can like a grenade with out the pin in it and we all literally fell down in the middle of campus laughing so rediculously hard we were on the ground for like 5 minutes then amanda goes, "no for real guys i took a sip of that" and after that it was over. we laughed for another 10 minutes and when we got up we were all soked from the wet grass. it was really funny i figured id share it with you.
  2. Which campus are you at?
  3. haha made me laugh irl. good story ahah
  4. university of tampa hah madd fun
  5. Haha I like your simile there
  6. lol thats funny dude/. yeah sounds like youre taking those english classes huh..
  7. is that like usf university of south florida
  8. usf is another school ut is a small private school were right on some canal i can walk into the city its sick here
  9. nice man i go to USF but u tampa is nice too

    i think i know the exact place ur talking about

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