Funny story/the most paranoid i'd ever been...

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  1. I was at my friends house one morning(right before christmas btw) ok and his parents had just left. My friend was pretty new to smoking and i told him i'd smoke him out once more before i left. So we busted out this little bong and i decided it would be best if we just went into his bathroom and turned on the fan and the hot water in the shower to cover the smell.

    So we each get about 3 bong rips before we realized that the steam from the hot water plus the smoke had filled up the bathroom so much that we could just see fog. So we opened the bathroom door and it just rushed out into the house. I was like whatever and we went outside to finish up smoking. Then we heard firetruck sirens and it was really weird cuz we were in the very back of some rich neighborhood and there was no fire anywhere. We were bot super blazed. As the sounds of the firetruck started getting closer and closer i began to freak out a little because i convinced myself that the smoke had set off a silent fire alarm in the house and that the firetruck was coming to see what happened.

    So i hid the bong in his backyard and ran into the house to figure out wtf i was going to do. I was yelling at my friend at this point about how fucked we were and we were oth just running around the house super blazed. haha i was even looking for a good hiding spot in his parents bedroom where the firemen wouldnt find me.

    Ok well anyways my friend runs to the door as the firetruck turns on his street and we see a big fat guy dressed as santa sitting on top throwing candy to people. I was so realieved but at the same time wondering what the chances of that actually happening. It was scary at the moment but pretty funny after i found out it was only santa chillin with the firemen haha. :smoking:
  2. Cool, so how old are you?
  3. Last night I was so high I was lying on my bed listening to music, and I was looking at my TV. The reflection of my laptop and my lamp made the TV look like it had eyes, and I swear I kept on thinking in my mind that the TV was gonna swallow me up any minute.
  4. im 19. i was 18 when this all happened but i turned 19 in january.

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