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  1. So I have been waiting patiently for my blue berry to start flowering. I upgraded lights and she EXPLODED with growth. The little pre flower spikes are 3x bigger than they were on any plant I've grown before..then again I haven't grown many :p but these were quite large.

    So it keeps putting out growth. In waiting for the little clear hairs to show...

    Been waiting for nearly 8-10 weeks for it to show flowers...

    AND last night it finally clicks. The plant isn't a damn auto. I've been vegging for two months lol. It finally clicked last night. First day of 12/12 today haha.

    I need to take a break from smoking, I think

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  2. LOL!  Nice dude.  If you vegged for two months, they should be pretty fucking big!  Wait til they stretch!  Look on the bright side, you will have a much larger harvest than you thought.  ;)
    No need for a break, you just need more sativa in your diet.

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