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Funny story I just remembered

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by micahgee, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. So its 8am on a wintry tuesday morning. I'm driving with some buds to "Bob's sub stop" after roasting a few bowls, 1/2 my high school is at Bob's at any given time. I park in the parking lot and get out. A old lady comes out of the car next to me. The entire parking lot is covered with ice.

    The old lady goes, "Young man, could you please help me across the ice?"

    Baked out of my mind, but with some resolve I hold the old lady's arm and carefully walk her across the parking lot. I have never had so much responsiblity placed on my arm with no warning! All my friends thought I was gonna drop her like a brick, heh

    ...Just proving that you be can a stoner AND help old ladies cross the street
  2. haha that's cool lol....with my luck i'd drop her and get a lawsuit slapped on me :eek:

    Damn a sub sounds so good...oh yeah i'm getting tacos.
  3. i would drop her too, but not outta bad luck, outta stupidity
  4. right before leaving her i'd be like "my god am i stoned out of my mind. you coulda died'
  5. yay for boy-scout-like samaritanship.... or stoner's willingness, when I was around 13, they were one in the same ;)
  6. Hahahahahaha, thats pretty funny. I would've felt like shit if I dropped the lady.

    You went to a sub shop at 8 in the morning? You know whats good? Breakfast pizza. Anybody ever had it? It's sick.
  7. Breakfast pizza? Sounds like good munchie food after a wake n bake hehe
  8. Depending on where you live, the law suit would not have worked. Some states have good samaritan laws, such as, if you find somebody who requires medical attention and you give them CPR, but they die, you can't be sued because you were trying to be the good samaritan and help them out.

    Lawyer Dan at your service.
  9. uhhhh yea....just had to bump it sorry

    but Bob's has delicious breakfast sandwiches, bacon egg n' cheese...mmmm

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