Funny stories of being high in school

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  1. Okay i looked for a thread with this and didnt see one. but what are some funny stories GC has about being high in school? i took a math test yesterday, and i was still pretty high. i thought i was fucked. got it back today and got a 100% :confused:. hell yea, not expecting that.

    oh and on time in my first period computer class
    me: (just staring at the computer screen for 5 mins)
    teacher: Hey M, what are you doing?
    Me: watching the visualizer on Windows Media Player
    Teacher: M, you dont even have it open
    Me: Are you for real? i guess your right
    i then put in my cd, and preceded to watch the visualizer for the rest of class.
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    I got a few but heres a scary one (i thought it was scary). i WILL post more later lol.

    One time i was just cuttin some wood on the table saw and i realized my thumb was what looked like less than 1/16 of an inch away from the sharp part of the blade. at first i was a little scared( im some what of a pro with the table saw if i do say so my self ;) ). Then i realized if i pull back my hand the boards gonna fly back and crush my balls:eek: . So then i was shittin a brick and so was my buddy who was catchin the board (he wasnt as scared as i was i bet :mad:the bastard lol). So we pushed that one really slow lol :D . I know what your thinkin. Why the fuck would you get stoned before using a huge ass saw all day?!? Well the reason is it was a long weekend so by monday i wasnt sure that i was gonna have lab and i was pretty sure i had academics that day lol so i took the risk. Thats a mistake i dont plan on making again to soon:cool::smoke:.
    P.S. this was awhile back

    P.S. AGAIN. I used alot of smileys. Because i like em so dont complain to much.

  3. I have expository reading writing first period and we had to read a book called sophies world which is for those of you that don't know it's a book about the history of philosophy. So Wednesday mornings at our school we start an hour later so I usually vape a few bags with the volcano before I go to school. One particular day I was really high in class and the teacher says that we are going to have a discussion about our personal philosophy. So I raised my hand to give my two cents and ended up talking for over half an hour about life and my take on the world. The teacher was stunned at the participation but I think she knew I was high cause she knows I smoke weed and everybody in the class knew cause half of them get their weed from me. It was a pretty sick class. And I'm usually a quiet kid I don't really ever say much in that class but I was really high and it was some good ass bud
  4. One time me and other two friends came back from lunch and were going to our classes when a security guard of the school stopped us. He called the entire team of security to were we where and searched us. Luckily i didnt have no bud on me, but my mans had cigarretes and he was so high that hes eyes were bloodshot red (we hit three yays, a yay each person so yeah we kinda were fried) and one of the security guards told the principal if they could do an "cavity search" to me friend since they werent satisfied with only finding cigaretes in his poket. LoL he ended up gettin one too. I imagen a person being stisfied with being high and then security gouards come out of nowhere and tell u we have to do a cavity search on u. LoL funny az shit
  5. I used to smoke everyday at lunch. One time we let this new kid in and we told him to blow the smoke into his shirt or the grass or something. He fucking just exhales near the grass and big cloud comes out. A teacher saw and we all ran. He got in trouble, luckily he didn't rat us out.

    I was smoking before gym during a 10 min reading period. We were behind the gym and all of a sudden the school cop pops out of nowhere. He's in his car and he does a burn out coming right at us. We ran into the locker room and he's screaming ahahah i caught you stone head fuckers. Just as he went in the locker room the bell rang and all the kids came rushing in. He never found us we just blended in with the crowd.

    I smoked before school once and at my first period class I was falling asleep. My head kept nodding and everytime I looked up my teacher was looking at me. Well i finally just fell asleep and she calls on me to answer a question. I had no idea what she asked or anything. So I just said uh what was the question I'm so high right n.. what? Wait I was sleeping sorry what was the quesiton? Hahah everyone just laughed and the teacher just told me to stay awake.
  6. my friend and i had a pass forged by a girl in our study hall so we could go out in the woods "to take pictures for a decomposition project". we got blazed and were talking about life and death and decomposition when i got a phone call saying that my friend and i had been paged to the office several times.

    we had lunch right after study hall so we figured we could go straight from the woods to cafeteria, and sure enough, we pulled that off. but about 5 minutes into my next class (the last of the day) we were both paged to the dean of students's office. now, my friend and i are both pretty well known stoners in that school, so everyone just kinda smirks at me as i go to leave the classroom.

    we get to the dean's office, and he has the chemistry teacher whose "signature" is on the pass in the room. i don't remember exactly how the conversation went but it was pretty much like this:

    dean: so who forged the pass?
    me: i thought it was a real pass?
    dean: no, it's definitely forged, so who forged it?
    my friend: i don't know
    me: i don't know either
    dean: come on, you expect me to believe that?
    my friend: i don't know
    me: we just DON'T KNOW
    chemistry teacher: (chuckles)

    it went on like that for a couple more minutes, same replies from me and my friend until the dean says disgustedly, "get back to class, and this had BETTER not happen AGAIN."
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  7. setting:first day of school my junior year, first period. me and my friend big j wake n bake at my house and leave.

    i was stoned out of my mind and walked into class about 5 minutes late. immediately when i walk into the class i look at the teacher and start to giggle. im imagining a frog in a dress.............. so after that mind fuck i sit down next to a fellow athlete. i talk to him for a little bit and then my teacher starts passing out papers. she comes up to me and hands me papers to pass back. i know they are papers, but i don't know what to do with them. i sit there look at them, then hand them back. she looks at me oddly and hands them back to me. i take them back, and act like i looked over it, and AGAIN pass it back to her. she hands them back to me one more time, and i realize i have to pass them back to the people in my row.:rolleyes:

    so after this the class goes by and right before i leave the class she says to me these exact words," Now you have a good day at school joe, mmmmhmmm," and nods at me.............looking back at this, yall think she knew?
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  8. If u go high to the skool most of the teachers and classmates know when ur high since they basically see u everyday
  9. ^^haha dude I definitely think she knows, thats pretty funny.
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  10. Just faced two yays with my mans anc=d comin bak to school. We came bak right when lunch started. everybody is hipped up and a big fight is supposed to happen right were me and my friend were smokin at. we go bak and find out there is a big circle right outside a macdonalds and several people are arguin. i get the middle of the circle and in high as shit so im here to see a fight only to see me and my friend were the ones some guy wus tryin to fight. So he comes up to us fukin aroun and me and my friend are HIGH as shit since we just hit the yay bout 20 min. ago. I tell my friend a plan in less than five seconds and the guy comes up to us.

    guy: i heard yall wass still rappin bout me and shit shun, wus good we here, just me an u ur mans dont come in the fight (talkin to me)
    me: yea i wus talkin shit bitch wut tryin to do (getin in his face, im so hardheaded when im smaked lol)
    my friend got behind and the guy wich was way older than us is lukin bak my friend takled his legs and i punched with all my force with the right hand. dude just dropped and me and my friend just walked off fast LoL. everybody just stood there wit their mouths open. went bak to the skool feelin cool as shit and everybody was on me and my friend bout what we did. It luked like right out of a fukin movie LOL funny how stuff turns out when u high
  11. Alright so, when I was a sophmore in highschool I used to have photography 7th period and the teacher was a major duechebag. He would bitch out constantly and be a pompous dick to anyone with a question. So one day I'm working in the darkroom alone after I'd just gotten stoned off my ass at lunch, and I had the bright idea to finally get back at that asshole and take a piss in the developing chemicals. Needless to say I was extremely proud of myself. lol.:hello:
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  12. when i was a senior i was i had to take a health class to graduate..

    the class is a freshman class so i was the only senior and i didnt talk to pretty much anyone because they were all fucking annoying and had no clue about what they were talking about..


    one day when i was high we had a class lesson on marijuana..
    durring the lesson i tried to remain quit cuz i was hella blazed and what my teacher was saying was all bullshit. but at the end of the lesson she actually claims that "smoking marijuana is more harmful than smoking cigarettes and hurts your body just the same as doing meth"

    ... so in a total outrage i actually stood up, knocked over my chair, and yelled

    me - "are you fucking crazy! have you lost your mind!. what are you teaching these kids!"
    teacher- "carrie sit down"
    me- "no, i will not sit down while you brain wash everyone in here with your government nonsense and misconseptions!
    teacher-" CARRIE!"
    me " this is insane! i smoke pot and i can tell you first hand that i am not damaging my body like some methhead is.... im refuse to listen to you, your a freshman health teacher!"

    and than i just sat down and everyone staired at me... lol it was really weird and akward because as i said i was just really stoned.. but it was worth it and actually pretty funny if you were there
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    i don't find the way you reacted funny, and responding the way you did gave more evidence to the teacher's "propaganda". i could see maybe doing some research, getting actual facts from reputable sources, and preparing an argument.
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    yea i didn't find it very funny either...i had a class were a dare officer came in and tried to tell me that smoking weed leads to all kinds of cancer and kills your brain cells and i raised my hand and asked him to show me a single case where a cannabis only smoker has gotten cancer and a study proving it kills brain cells. he told me he would come back next week with the evidence i said ok. when he came back next weekend he announced to me that he could not find anything and the whole class booed at him

    also MeKIO god dam is it annoying to read your posts
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  15. yes.

    nice job with the dare officer. i will admit, i do believe in a lot of the shit the dare program has, but you gotta take it with a grain of salt or however the saying goes. by name, it is drug abuse resistance education, and i really believe we need to learn how not to abuse drugs.
  16. 1 day when i was a freshman, i was walkin into study hall and i was suppper stoned. i have this crazy bastard of a teacher and he started goin through attendance like always...but as soon as he got to my name he stood up n walked over to me. all he said was "we like drugs a LOT dont we." i couldnt say anything back tho because i had a dip in. pretty intense haha
  17. Alright. here is two more.
    back when i was a junior, walking into school after getting high with my friend.
    Me: Hey Jill!!! Yeah for Jill!
    Jill: hey M.
    Me: have a good weekend.
    Jill: uh, thanks? you too?
    Me: (turn to my friend) what did she say?
    Friend: she said fuck you dude.
    Me: (laughing my ass off)

    in the school parking lot. (really high)
    Friend: (talking normal and being cool and shit, all of a sudden starts freaking out on this carton of Orange Juice) blah blah blah...WHAT THE FUCK? O.J.? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DOING HERE? (punches the carton like, 5 times) FUCK O.J. (gets out of car and starts stomping on it and throwing it at cars. i couldnt breathe i was laughing so hard)
  18. I was listening to music at the back of the class with my friend and without realizing it I started dancing. My teacher stares at me for a second and I realized and stooped, he walked over and was like Dan? I was like ya and was like, u ok? I'm like u then he was like, then stop being weird

    Sry if this doesn't make much sense I'm so blazed right now :)
  19. no that made sense man ya that is pretty funny. whenever i get high and i am standing up i can now help but sway hardcore. anyone else have this problem?
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  20. ok freshman year

    I'm standin by my buddie's locker and I say "Dude I could so use some bud right now!" and my spanish teacher walks by and says "Matt you could hear that from a mile away"

    kind of a nice lady actually she was 50 but looked 40-ish...

    not very funny but that led to some funny situations in class later in the year

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