Funny stories from the hood:

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  1. I want to hear peoples experiences, here's one of my own.

    Me and a friend had just smoked a bowl each and were walking through this dark and lonely road and there was a guy walking on the other side across from us, and when we got to the end of the road he just looked at us for a hard minute and he got in a car . We walked on for five minutes later and my homie looked at me and said, "i think that foo jacked that car", then i remembered he was messing with the lock and took a while to start the car, and i was like "i know hah" lol So we just started laughing and walked on...
  2. I remember when I was 15 and lived in the ghetto I smoked ciggs and couldn't buy them myself so I went up to all the doors (we all knew each other) and asked all the adults for ciggs. Hell id have like half a pack in my pocket but still ask for one anyway.

    Also there was a guy named mike who had a little thrift store and he sold glass peices like bongs n shit to everyone weather you were 12 or 50 he didn't care
  3. haha yeah we all know that one store or person we can buy from or have buy for us lol

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