Funny Stories Being High @ An Amusement Park

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Michael, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Share yours.

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    Last week I ate a firecracker before going to six flags. Nothing terribly funny happened but I kept thinking of the WORST pick up lines while I was at the water park.
    -"Hey baby, next time you want to get wet come to me instead of the water park."
    -"Do you need help putting sunscreen on your huge tits?"
    -"You might get a little wet if you go in the wave pool, but you'll get really wet if you come with me to the changing room."
    -"I'm training to be a lifeguard, can I practice mouth to mouth on you?"
    -When I was floating on the lazy river, which was only 3 feet deep, I was going to ask the hot lifeguard "Are you certified in mouth to mouth? Because I'm not a very good swimmer," and then falling off of my inner tube and pretending to drown.

    Too bad I was too much of a pussy to actually use any of those golden lines, there were some fine looking females 
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  3. Went on a Senior Trip last month to Six Flags in Atlanta. Me and some friends were looking for a place to toke and we find a "Train Station." Inside was one lady who worked there, so we went outside of the train station where she couldn't see us. Everyone did like a 4 puff pass and while I was keeping an eye on here through a window, she happened to look my way and I hurried and looked away. She kept looking and then eventually came outside. My scary ass ran through the opposite door she was coming in and she was looking around sniffing. She went back inside the train station and when I came back, my friends said that she saw the blunt and looked like she wanted to hit it. Those were good old High School times and the worst Senior Trip ever. Had to ride the yelow bus from Memphis to Atlanta!
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  4. I acciedentally touched a zombies tit while really high and scared at an amusement park/haunted maze thing.  :ey:
  5. Went to a carnival with My family. mj didn't help with my motion sickness...
  6. last time i went to an amusement park thing i was really high. our lady peace was playing at the stage they had set up there so we went to go watch but everything looked like a funhouse mirror so i freaked out and we went back to my friend's place.
  7. My homie got his first possesion charge at an amusement park. 
    But nah i havent tried that, but i really want to eat some shrooms and THC brownies and get on the biggest roller coasters.
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  8. sounds like he had a blast :p
  9. Damn bro, you should have token charge! You could have gotten some pussy. 
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  10. dude, thanks for real life laugh haha
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  11. I'm gonna be in Orlando later this month, so I'll try them out then, when I have a hotel room nearby  :metal:
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  12. Best story you will ever read.
    >Go to Universal studies with brother and mother while in the States, I have eaten my half of the brownie on the bus there my bro kept his for when he gets there
    >To get to front gate thing, lady asks to check in my bros bag....The look on our faces....we both shared an 'Oh fuck, see you in jail, glance'
    >Lady picks up brownie, doesn't take it out of the bag, looks at us, at the brownie, at us, at the brownie, smiles and tells us to have a good day
    >inside for 15 minutes, lose my wallet with $500 American and $300 Australian, I have no idea why I was carrying that cash
    >high as fuck in Uni. Studios, trying to find my wallet.
    >ring bus company, left wallet on bus, will drop it off at my hotel
    >So high and happy
    >3D transformer ride for the next 4 hours baked off my face.
    >good day
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  13. Good shit! 
  14. bahahahahahaa
  15. I work at an amusement park. I get high when I'm on my breaks and lunch. 
  16. Please tell me you dont operate the rides :lol:

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  17. I'm gonna be in Orlando later this month, so I'll try them out then, when I have a hotel room nearby :metal:
    Bitches in Orlando can be ugly but nice bods. Bring a paper bag, or get good at doggy style.

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  18. First and only (well not true...) time smoking with my dad, was at Walt Fucking Disney World. We were in the parking lot, walked up to the legendary monorail and I was high as a kite! We got on, it took off, and seriously felt like it was going super crazy fast, kinda made my heart jump. I looked at dad and he knew what was up lol.
    Only other time I smoked with him was before a Staind concert, it was dope as fuck.
    Smoking with my dad is kinda weird, it works for some people, but it just seems kinda weird for the both of us.. idk
  19. Haven't done it yet but I plan on going to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor high this summer.  
  20. Not really funny but the only time I smoked at an amusement park, I had brought my bowl and little stash with me, in my travel bag.  So at the gate, this woman starts going through EVERYONE'S bag, so I told my friends I had to check the car for something, then took my bag back to the car with me.
    My friends went in the park but I spent 10min. wandering the parking lot smoking lol.  (A grass lot where the cars parked, and no security or anything.)
    Then I just put it all in the car and joined my friends in the park.  Uneventful but I didn't get caught, and I got to enjoy a little high at the park with my friends, who didn't know.  lol  

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