Funny stoned conversations with parents?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by roshiee, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. My mom lives in east bumfuck nowhere new Hampshire and it's about a 5 hour drive from me. So I went up on spring break to visit her. I moved out when I was in 8th grade due to the lack of schooling where she lives. So I never smoked when I lived with her as I was too young though I do remember her growing pot plants lol.

    Anyways I drive up there and it's freezing and late up there and when I get there I sit down at the kitchen table talking with my mom catching up . Now she knows I smoke and doesn't have a problem with it as long as I'm not stupid about it.
    Real casually she asks me to open a drawer and hand me her pipe. I was like wow OK. Then she packs it, hits it and hands it to me.
    Me: really? Awesome
    Mom: I feel like we are old enough now to enjoy this together

    God I love my mom to death

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  2. not a getting caught story, but my dad had just gotten off parole so he hadn't smoked in a little while, & i had just gotten in from buying a bag & offered to roll a joint for us to smoke together, & as we finished he picked up the couch pillow & hid behind it laughing. he then preceded to throw random odds & ends at me while continuing to laugh like a child. it was probably one of the weirdest, but most hilarious incidents i have encountered while high.
  3. awh last night.... so the pre story. I baked a couple banana breads,one loaded to the tits with thc. low and behold my dad goes for the loaded one thinking awh new flavour. him not having smoked in bout 25 years ate about 2.7 grams of bud but he went to bed before it hit him.... I waking up at midnight wake to him making rounds to the bathroom. poor fucker came down with a mad bought of vertigo and though he was stroking out, and the look of him man he looked past fucked up.

    dad: I see you cooked down another batch of oil
    me: ya.
    dad: make sure you put that away, cause if I eat another piece i'll kick the right side of your left testical.
    me: I hope not... I made it two times the strength.
    dad: oh son why would you need it that fucking strong? you that chronic....,an that nut kicking I would get on my work boots and make sure them lases were tight...….
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  4. Dead bro


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