Funny smoking stories :)

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  1. basically this thread is meant for stupid/funny/crazy (you get the idea) smoking stories...I will start it off with mine.

    So a few years back I decided I was going to take a break from bud (crazy I know!) anyways time passes and before I know, its been almost an entire year since I smoked/got high on anything, so I decided it was time. There had been some buzz goin around that blue dream (medical :D) was the I got an 1/8. I then proceeded to smoke it ALL, why not right? Well silly me did it before school and I was in for quite the ride. Now over time my tolerance had diminished to...essentially zero. Needless to say I was rendered a completely useless giggly blob for the next several hours. I don't remember a whole lot from that day. Though I do remember one thing quite vividly. I was walking down some stairs (or at least trying) and I come across two people walking up...for some reason I find it impossible to make it past these people so I continue the rest of the way down on the hill beside the stairs (they were outside) I start stumbling down the hill when my knees give out and I slide 15 feet or so before reaching the bottom. I stand up quickly, look at the huge grass stains on my pants then keep walking like an idiot, thinking "jesus I hope no one saw that." I get home not long after and crash for like 16 hours.

    So ya that's probably the highest I've ever been...I don't think ill be doing anything like that ever again, but I'm glad I did it...I think
  2. Aha that's funny I can just imagine ahahah.
    Well it was my cousins birthday and she wanted to get fucked up so we popped a quad smoked 3 blunts packed 5 bowls and was drinking thee night away and it was a rave theme so thee lights were tripping me thee fuck out I thought I was in a space ship and I was running into glass saying what thee fuck am I trapped in here lol I started panicing then my cousin opened thee door and I was like oooh and didn't even go inside and I was groping my tits and rubbing myself because I was so damn horny and I knocked with 5 other people on a small ass couch with nearly no clothes on
  3. Alright, I have a story. This happened when I was about 16-17 years old. One time I was smoking with my friend, we got fucking wrecked! We then went to the grocery store because we were very hungry and were to lazy to make any food. So once we got there, we B-lined straight towards the Twinkies, Hoe Hoes, Ring Dings, Doritos, and other snacks. It was funny because it was like 2 am, (It was one of those 24/7 stores) and two guys with funny looks and bloodshot eyes were just wobbling up to the counter with a shit load of food haha. Anyway, so then afterwards we were so happy that we got food, that we skipped and sang all of the way home haha! So once we got back to the place we went down into his basement, pigged out and played COD. So a few hours pass and I'm still pretty stoned, and for some reason I still feel hungry!! Even after we ate almost everything, so I went upstairs, and walked into the kitchen. My friends sister was sitting by the kitchen table reading a newspaper, thank fucking god that she is chill with us smoking. Anyway so she suspected me of being stoned and knew exactly what I was up there for hehe. She said, the food is over there. I look over and see a big steaming bowl of Macaroni and cheese. :eek: I was very happy. Anyway so then I asked "Where are the bowls?" she replied and said "On the upper left shelf". Knowing me still stoned, I was so fucking confused with that direction. That simple task was like fitting together the hardest puzzle known to man! Hahaha. Anyway so once she directed me towards the bowls, I got myself a big ol' bowl of mac & cheese. Then, as I was walking back to the basement, I actually mistaken the bathroom for the basement. So here I was in the bathroom just chilling on the toilet eating macaroni and cheese, THINKING that I am in the basement. So anyway, I don't remember much after that, the next thing I remember is that I wake up on the bathroom floor with my friend above me saying..."Ummmmm...what are doing?". By the time I woke up I was already sober, so I was like really fucking confused and said "Dude, where where have you been!" Hahaha. Then we all just laughed and I had to go because his parents were about to get home. Fun night! Very fun night! I miss my stoney teenage years of smoking. Such a little tolerance. Such a little amount could get me a long way haha. Now I'm 19 with a job and responsibility! Fuck! haha. :smoke:

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