Funny smelling cannabis?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by ThurgoodJenkinz, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I grew 3 different strains this time, WW, bubblicious, and blue mystic (nirvana). During growing I would get different smells, some piney, other fruity (like tangerine peels). My bubb has been curing for over 2 weeks and the smell is weird, hard to describe, fruity maybe, but doesn't smell like cannabis. Dried these guys in 80 deg. temp with light air moving through the entire time. Did I do something wrong? Why don't they smell, well, normal? They are very potent, just confused about smell.
  2. Smell changes and it's all different, The hay smell about a week into curing always freaks me out, but it goes away and everything is fine after about 2 weeks.

    Ive had some super sweet Lemon Skunk in a jar for about a year now, It was very sweet and fruity at first, now it just smells like sandalwood. Who knows? Long as it tastes good and get's you high, what 's to worry about?
  3. Just trying to figure out if I'm doing anything wrong. Smell isn't the most important thing, but I would like it to smell like "Cannabis". There seems to be lots of mix opinions on smells. Everyone suggests expensive charcoal filters to help reduce smell, and I hear smell is one of the biggest reasons people that grow illegally get caught. I guess in those cases, a absence of smell would be desirable. Just confused and trying to figure out if I'm doing anything wrong(or if I could do anything better). Thanks for the comments.

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