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Funny situation

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tree Of Life, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. I was just smoking a bowl out of my bubbler after not smoking all day, so I was ready to enjoy a nice smoke. I take a hit and get so stoned that I don't take another until 10 minutes later. When I go to take the hit I notice there's no weed in the bowl anymore. Ah man, what the fuck? I'm already stoned so I'm not going to pack another bowl, but I want to taste those hits and I got fucked. Did this ever happen to you? Lol!
  2. Yea that'll happen
  3. I'm contemplating just loading up another one. Yeah, fuck it...
  4. It's happened to me before too, man. I always get a little bummed when I realized there's no more bud in the bowl. Luckily, I pretty much always have more! Enjoy your session, man!
  5. Pretty much after every bowl haha
  6. Not that I remember but I always load up my grinder and take hoots. It's always dissapointing when I find out my grinders empty.

  7. Yeah man, it's not that I don't have supply, it's the principal of the matter. No smoke all day and when you finally do you accidently wind up bowl-less. This hasn't happened to me in 7 years of smoking lol. My bubbler was resting in my pocket so you'd figure that's where the bowl fell, but I searched all over for that bowl and it was nowhere to be found.
  8. I love having the opposite of this happen. Take the meanest, longest toke you possibly can and then realize you haven't even made a dent in the bowl yet. It's like a little miracle gift from the grass gods.

  9. That is awesome indeed!

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