funny shit -- getting caught by parents

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  1. ok so my parents recently found out that i smoked. they found about 1.4 grams. my mom (im assuming) hasnt smoked weed before (sad i kno) but im sure my dad has lol.
    so they were talking to me lol and here r just some of the redonkulas things they said.
    Dad: i had a friend who went to a party and a guy passed him a joint which was lased w/ PcP. lol'd at that. do ppl even lace weed i mean srsly...

    Dad: you might do meth or something
    Me: y would i do meth...ive already decided i wouldnt.
    Dad: well how do u kno, you could get some weed laced w/ Meth and then get addicted.

    Mom: if you are using drugs in this house we dont want you here
    Me: ..why
    Mom: because u are putting our family and house in danger
    Me: Haha! how??
    Dad: you never kno what kind of scum bags there are...someone could find out you smoke and come rob our house looking for the drugs.
    Me: first of all, why would someone come to our house to steal a gram or 2. second of all that would only happen if i was dealing w/ pounds or something...and even still that wouldnt happen b/c ppl who carry that much usually have guns.
    *they had no responce*
  2. People still lace weed. All the time.
  3. You are very naive.

    If you get into trouble to where the police have to search your house, it is on your parents ass.
  4. you have the right to do what you want, but not in the house they pay for. thats just how it is man.
  5. there's plenty of people out there who lace weed.
    and if you still live with them and they feel that strongly about it, at least stop smoking in the house. they could have been way harder on you than they were.
  6. Be grateful that your parents feed your ass and put a roof over your head.
  7. their house their rules bro
    somethin you gotta get used to
  8. Yeah, you sound immature and ignorant.
  9. just like me at 16... ;)
  10. Gotcha.. ;)
  11. dude sorry to break it to you but people dont sell you laced weed with out making you pay more.
  12. ha only prob with my town is weed is expensive anyway so they dont charge you more so you dont know...:confused:
  13. youd have to buy from a real goofball for that to happen.
  14. One of my friends just got weed he thinks was laced with LCD. He thought he saw the future, then he thought he was melting. Off one GB.
  15. FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!
    n yea wish i had some dust to put in this l rite noww
  16. wtf is a gb.

    and lsd's psychoactive ingredients dont work if they are touched with a flame so you cannot smoke lsd to produce a trip

  17. Uh...




    Common sense?
  18. i made this tread so ppl could read the funny things my parents said...guess im the only one that thought it was funny...
    it wasnt about the rules they set
  19. your parents were way easier on you than mine were on me...they found 2 g's of my pineapple express and threw it away and told me if they ever caught me smoking in their house again i was gone for good lol..
  20. I agree with both of you... ;)

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