Funny shit at the store jus now

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    I just went to the store (8:50am) to buy a swisher..well while I was in line some HUGE dude with a gigantic mustache wearing shorts and a body building t-shirt and was like in his late 60's at least came up behind me. Well a line opened up next to us and I let him go over even though I was only there for the swisher..

    By the time I was done he was done as well, so we were walking out at the same time. We get outside (keep in mind I am still high from a bowl a little while ago) and as we are walking he says in the funniest dutch-like accent, "You look damn happy to be here, what'd you do stay out and party all night smoking weed and drinking?" I never laughed so hard in my life when I heard what he said and that random dutch accent. He then proceeded to say, "Thought so." And we went our seperate ways.

    I thought it was pretty damn hilarious, im dedicating this blunt to the coolest old dude I ever met. Cheers old dude :smoke:
  2. hahaha i pictured that all in my head and when he started talking i laughed my ass off. i think i might have been imagining a german accent but still hilarious. +rep.
  3. i work at arbys and i usually go to work high and yesterday some lady came in with some accent asking for directions and i had to tell her i couldnt help her and could barely keep my composure lol

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