funny shit at tacobell just under an hour ago

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  1. so anyways i was blazing up in taco bells bathroom and for whatever reason i start repeatedly flushing the toilet, and after a while once i was done with the one joint i had on me i chucked the remainder in the toilet and proceeded to flush it but, it wouldn't flush. at all! so i kept trying to flush it and it spun the roach around filling the toilet water with ash and it looked like some nasty bong water. and it kept filling up. needless to say i bailed out of there after grabbing my order but damn that janitors gonna be pissed and or have a hella good laugh. i was tweakin though, the water kept going up and i was like "STOP!!!! STOP!!! OH MY GOD WHAT DO I DO!?!?!" :smoke: soooo high.
  2. Wooow. That's hilarious, but please try to refrain from giving stoners a bad name while we're out in public.
  3. why were you flushing the toilet? im sure ppl would get suspicious eventually
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    public restrooms one of your reg blazin spots?

    i'm sure whoever gets to clean that up will bust out laughin once they see the extra mess they get to clean up.

    really is a dick move of you though. working in the food service industry already blows enough and having kids like you fucking up the place doesn't make it any better.
  5. sorry bout that, my cousin did tell me it was a stupid move. bathroom was empty though so no one else went in there while i was there.
  6. blazing in a taco bell bathroom...

    can't get much rattier than that.

  7. :laughing:

    a cop couldve easily walked into that restroom by pure coincidence....
  8. dude why would you smoke a j in the taco bell bathroom?
    just go outside and find a spot
  9. honestly youre a douchebag. i had to work at a taco bell when i was 16 and it was hell. I had to deal with shit like this all the time. its normal people working there. they dont want to clean a bathroom that reeks of weed with bong water spilling all over the floor anymore than you do. you give stoners a bad name. the people working there dont want to be there and anything you do to make their day worse makes you a serious dick.

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