Funny/scary story with english teacher

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by folied, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. So I was in english class today (small class about 30 or less) and my teacher who is a 50 + year old lady and she wanted to play a memory game type thing so everyone could learn each others names and she could learn ours.

    The game was that each person had to say their name, and something they like.
    (example: My name is Kevin and I like cameras)

    And then you had to repeat everyone before you's name and the thing they liked so it was my turn and I just said "uhhh I can't remember any of them"

    so my teacher says whats your name

    and I say John, and she says I have a good one for you. "John Likes Joints"

    I nearly had a heartattack but everyone was laughing their asses off.

    Then everytime someone had to repeat my name and thing I liked, she would put her fingers up to her mouth like she was smoking a joint lmao

    Just wanted to share she is fuckin hilarious
  2. Sounds like a good year with that teacher.

    My spanish teacher used to ask every monday what we did over the weekend, he always asked me and my friends if we smoked and drank? Our answer "yes very much" ...We spoke the truth.
  3. Should have said in the first place:

    "My name is John and I like marijuana."

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