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  1. I have decided to compile a list of funny/stupid questions asked on GC. Not just your everyday questions. These are a bit weird lol. Please feel free to add your own!
    Are there molecules in my pot?
    Am I high?
    What strain is this?
    Will I get high if I smoke a quat of high grade?
    Is $45 a gram too much to pay for swag?
    Should I smoke pot in front of a cop?
    Can I make a pipe out of my barbeque?

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    "I know, this question has been asked before but will I pass a drug test?"

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  3. ''Which prescription medication should I take from my Mom to get high?''
  4. how much water is in a watermelon?
    has juicy j ever refused ratchet pussy?
  5. I've seen a few threads with stupid questions like
    "Can I smoke my edible"?
    "If I drink the bong water will I get high?"
    hell a couple days ago this guy asked if he could get high by drinking his own piss  :confused_2:
    all these questions make me chuckle, but I'm pretty sure those blades are a bunch of trolls ?
    There are ways to get high off your piss. 
    The guy asking if he should smoke weed covered in pinesol was the most recent one for me, a lot of questions are ones you could type into google and get a million answers. 
  7. Is this weed i can smoke                                                                                                                               jk,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :hello:

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  8. How can i save my baby.................... :confused:  :cry:           

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  9. I'm really disappointed this thread didn't take off. So much potential...

    'Is this worth my money?' *shows tiny specs in bag*
    'Was my weed laced?' *tells story about being sick after smoking too much*
    'Am I gonna be high forever?'
    'Will they notice if I bring an ounce on a plane?'
    'What strain is this?' <<< THAT one especially haha.
  10. It's very similar to NGCMBL. Kind of exactly like it actually.
  11. these are threads i refuse to read anymore because i have replied to so many now. after so many years of responding to the same questions/threads, you start to dgaf. wish people would realize that these forums have been around for a loooooong time. chances are, if you have a question, its already been answered ten times before.
    was my weed laced?
    need help with anxiety
    why do you smoke cigarettes?
    best peice to smoke out of?
    got ripped off, what should i do?
    need help passing drug test
    best way to gain weight?
    did i get ripped off?
    is this dank?
  12. Can a girl get pregnant from anal sex?

    Lol I knew the answer to that in like 3rd grade.

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  13. I really hate the "What strain is this?" People.
    They get the same god damn answer every time! And they always seem to post huge, way oversized, low quality pics as if they think it helps.
  14. Dude those are some dank looking nugz!
    How much a g?
  15. What is ratchet pussy?
  16. Can I get high if I smoke the roots or pollen from a male plant?
  17. How much does a quarter cost?
  18. I've asked a fair few stupid questions, unfortunately many of them have been closed, check out some of the threads I've posted if you're interested.

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